Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 16, August 1984

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  • Lin Yi-hsiung and Kao Chun-ming released
  • Authorities order closure of Theological College
  • Opposition leaders on hunger strike
    • Statement by family members and tangwai leaders
    • Chang Chun-hung beaten by prison guards
  • 35 years of martial law
    • Senator Pell speaks out
    • Hearing and Resolution in the House
    • Statement by FAHR and Asia Resource Center
  • Prison report
    • Overview of a number of cases
    • CARE Magazine critical of prison conditions
    • Deaths in Taiwan's prisons
  • Freedom of the Press?
    • A new censorship record for the KMT
    • Overview of press censorship in Taiwan
  • Articles and Publications
    • New York Times: a new sense of confidence
    • International Herald Tribune: several articles
    • AWSJ: Asia's rulers can't afford to loosen up
    • Utrechts Nieuwsblad: 35 years of martial law
    • US Church publications: Focus on Taiwan
  • Notes
    • Dutch submarines for Taiwan delayed
    • Dutch ruling party chairman concerned about Taiwan
    • US Democratic Party calls for end of martial law
    • KMT support for repressive Latin American regimes
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