Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 152, September / October 2015

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  • Election campaign in full swing
    • Tsai Ing-wen maintains a strong lead
    • Hung Hsiu-chu's poll numbers keep dropping
    • James Soong jumps into the race
    • Will the DPP have a majority in the LY?

  • Students protest history textbook changes
    • Students rally at Ministry of Education
    • Tragic suicide of student leader
    • An unsatisfactory dialogue with the Minister
    • Highschool students win moral victory by FAPA President Mark Kao

  • Taiwan's curious WW-II commemorations
    • For Taiwan, a complex World War II history
    • ROC-PRC competition on who led the war effort
    • Beijing's distorted version of events
    • Lien Chan draw fire for attending PRC parade

  • Former President Lee speaks out (again)
    • Agrees that the Senkakus belong to Japan
    • Taiwan did not fight "War of resistance"

  • Report from Washington
    • Letter to President Obama re visit of Xi Jinping

  • In Memoriam
    • Human rights activist Lynn Miles (1943-2015)

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