Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 149, January / February 2015

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  • The aftermath of the November elections
    • More on the new political landscape
    • The DPP wins in legislative by-elections
    • A new beginning for Taipei
    • KMT vote-buying in Tainan City elections

  • Implications for cross-Strait relations
    • Bringing about true cross-Strait stability
    • Changing the cross-Strait paradigm
    • Washington's obsolete Taiwan policy by Michael Turton

  • Towards the first Sunflower anniversary
    • Prosecutors go after Sunflower leaders
    • Prosecution in related cases
    • The Appendectomy Project moves forward

  • The Kuomintang tries to re-invent itself
    • "Eric" Chu Li-luen elected party chairman
    • What about the ill-gotten party assets?

  • President Chen released on medical parole
    • Bureaucratic delays and unreasonable conditions

  • In Memoriam
    • Reverend "John" Tin Jyi-jiokk (1922-2014)

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