Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 148, November / December 2014

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  • A political landslide for the DPP
    • Rejection of pro-China policies of President Ma
    • Dr. Ko Wen-je coasts to victory in Taipei
    • Crucial wins in other towns in Taiwan
    • Issues that played a role in these elections

  • Hong Kong, the Taiwan angle
    • Pushback against China's encroachment
    • No more "one country, two systems"
    • Underlying political & economic disenchantment

  • Human rights in Taiwan
    • Chen Shui-bian: six years of imprisonment
    • Overseas Taiwanese write to President Ma

  • Report from Washington
    • The US mid-term elections and Taiwan
    • President Obama's visit to China

  • In Memoriam
    • Ambassador Nat H. Bellocchi (1926-2014)
    • Historian Chang Yien-hsien (1947-2014)

  • Book Review: The Third Son; a Novel, by Julie Wu
    • Reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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