Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 145, January / February 2014

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  • New tensions in the South China Sea
    • China issues regulations restricting fisheries
    • Strong response from the US and other nations
    • Assistant Secretary Danny Russel: An incremental pattern of assertiveness

  • The DPP issues its China policy report
    • Sticking to its principles, but more flexibility
    • Expected reactions from the KMT and PRC
    • Internal debate in the DPP

  • The Wang-Zhang meeting in Nanjing
    • First "official" meeting between the two sides
    • Two journalists refused entry visas
    • Blumenthal commentary: this is the precedent

  • The legacy of Cheng Nan-jung
    • University goes against student vote
    • Nan-jung's widow and daughter speak out

  • Re-writing Taiwan's history
    • Education task force "de-Taiwanizing" curriculum
    • Students protest revisionist changes

  • Being clear on Taiwan
    • Roiling the waters, drawing a big red line
    • US must be clear on core values, by Ambassador Nat Bellocchi

  • In Memoriam Dr. Chai Trong-rong
    • by FAPA President Dr. Mark L. Kao

  • Book Review: The Vitality of Taiwan
    • Edited by Steve Tsang, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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