Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 143, September / October 2013

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  • Taiwan's "Watergate"
    • President Ma moves to oust Legislative Speaker
    • "Influence peddling" and phone tapping
    • Why now? A long rivalry between Ma and Wang

  • Taiwan's long hot Summer
    • Mass demonstrations on death of conscript
    • Two defense ministers resign

  • Another flawed pact with the PRC
    • KMT government signs Service Trade Agreement
    • Widespread protests against PRC accord
    • Legislative Yuan deliberations postponed

  • Nuclear power debate continues
    • Rallies against Nuclear Four plant
    • Ma government proposes deceptive referendum

  • International space for Taiwan
    • Congress passes ICAO bill; President Obama signs
    • ICAO allows Taiwan to attend "as a guest"

  • Update on former President Chen
    • NYT highlights quest for medical parole
    • Congressman Andrews introduces resolution
    • Chen rejoins the Democratic Prtogressive Party

  • Report from Washington
    • Taiwan Policy Act passes House committee
    • DOD urged to proceed with sale of submarines
    • UN-for-Taiwan legislation introduced in Congress

  • Book Review
    • "Out of Taiwan" exhibit in Long Beach California, Exhibit preview, by Gerrit van der Wees

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