Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 142, June / July 2013

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  • Mr. Su Tseng-chang goes to Washington
    • DPP Chairman receives warm welcome
    • Strengthening US-Taiwan relations
    • The new DPP Defense Blue Paper

  • The Philippines-Taiwan fisheries conflict
    • Close encounter in disputed waters
    • High tension and inflammatory rhetoric
    • "Parallel" investigations
    • Taiwan must keep a cool head in dispute by Ambassador Nat Bellocchi
    • Legal notes on Taiwan-Philippines dispute by Prof. Kuo Ming-sung

  • International space for Taiwan
    • US concerned about WHO restrictions
    • Is President Ma's "diplomatic truce" failing?

  • The flawed case against President Chen
    • Professors and Church criticize trial
    • Lawyer Cheng Wen-lung details flaws
    • Former President Chen attempts suicide again

  • Report from Washington
    • The State Department Human Rights Report

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