Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 141, April / May 2013

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  • U.S. Congressmen visit President Chen in jail
    • Sudden move from hospital to prison
    • Widespread calls for medical parole

  • Whither Taiwan's China policy?
    • Taiwanese must be free to choose their future, by Ambassador Nat Bellocchi
    • Ma should seek clear "Taiwan Consensus", by Gerrit van der Wees
    • Taiwan Democracy Watch: put human rights first

  • The nuclear power debate heats up
    • Hundred thousand rally in Taipei
    • Proposed referendum a deceptive move
    • Taiwan at the nuclear power crossroads, by Mei-chin Chen

  • Report from Washington
    • Taiwan Policy Act adopted in House Committee
    • House members urge resumption of diplomatic ties

  • In Memoriam Two Lions in Winter
    • Dan Beeby, missionary under Martial Law
    • Boris Anderson's key role in PCT

  • Book Review
    • Taiwan since Martial Law, edited by David Blundell, reviewed by David Reid & Gerrit vd Wees

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