Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 140, February / March 2013

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  • Massive "Fury" rally in Taipei
    • Two hundred thousand take to the streets
    • Winter of discontent

  • Senkaku conflict heating up
    • China ratchets up the pressure
    • US sends another mission to East Asia
    • KMT government still rocking the boat
    • CRS questions Taiwan's role
    • FAPA Board adopts Senkaku position

  • Are human rights and freedoms eroding?
    • Freedom House: human rights not in jeopardy
    • Reporters without Borders: press freedom unchanged
    • DPP issues report on political persecution
    • Anti media-monopoly campaign churns on

  • Former President Chen Shui-bian's health
    • Professor Jerome Cohen visits President Chen
    • Ma rejects national affairs conference
    • US Senators Inhofe and Murkowski express concern
    • Psychiatrist: Chen needs home environment
    • DPP urges medical parole
    • International scholars laud judge Hung Yin-hua

  • Report from Washington
    • A change of guard at the State Department
    • What a new Congress means for Taiwan

  • Book Review
    • Democratizing Taiwan, by Prof. J. Bruce Jacobs, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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