Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 139, December 2012

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  • FAPA celebrates 30th anniversary
    • Birthday bash in San Jose, California
    • Former governor Murkowski's keynote speech
    • Members of Congress express appreciation

  • Tensions surrounding Senkakus continuing
    • China ratchets up the pressure
    • US mission to Japan and China

  • Hsieh Chang-ting and the DPP "China debate"
    • Attending a bartenders convention
    • ... but meeting Chinese officials
    • Taiwan's "China policy" could be very simple by Mei-chin Chen

  • Leadership transition in Beijing and Washington
    • What implications for Taiwan? by Julian Baum

  • Unpopular policies push Ma's polls down
    • Waffling on pension reform and electricity rates
    • Ma rejects national affairs conference
    • The Economist: Ma the "ineffective bumbler"
    • Erosion of press freedom with Next Media sale
    • China includes Taiwan in passport map

  • Medical parole for former president Chen
    • Liberal International calls for medical parole
    • Senator Brown urges AIT Director to visit Chen
    • Granting medical parole would heal the nation by Ambassador Nat Bellocchi
    • MOFA/MOJ press conference: no medical parole

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