Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 136, June / July 2012

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  • Ma Ying-jeou drifting off to China
    • May 19th protest draws 150,000
    • Inaugural address adds to the confusion
    • The "One Republic of China, two areas" fallacy

  • Ma's popularity sinking deeper
    • Opinion polls show sharp decline
    • Mishandling the US beef issue
    • A steep hike in electricity rates
    • The capital gains tax debacle

  • Taiwan's democracy: whose is it anyway?
    • by Julian Baum

  • Taiwan and Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng
    • Taiwan's beacon starting to flicker by ambassador Nat Bellocchi

  • Former President Chen's health deteriorating
    • Prison conditions continue to cause concern
    • Members of Congress urge investigation
    • Former Alaska governor Murkowski speaks out

  • Report from Washington
    • House resolution calls for normal relations
    • Congressman Berman urges California to drop "Province of China"

  • Book Review
    • Politicized society, the long shadow of Taiwan's one-party legacy, by Mikael Mattlin, reviewed by Jonathan Sullivan

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