Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 135, March / April 2012

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  • 2012 Elections: A retrospective
    • Mostly free but partly unfair
    • The elections: results and issues
    • Domestic issues versus the China factor
    • The US factor in Taiwan's elections
    • Taiwan's imperfect democracy by Julian Baum and Gerrit van der Wees
    • A Chinese shadow over Taiwan's elections

  • The future of Taiwan-China relations
    • The DPP does soul-searching on China ties
    • Wu Poh-hsiung advocates "One country, two areas"
    • Int'l scholars: more cross-Strait tension

  • How to move forward on US-Taiwan relations
    • Where is the beef?
    • Taiwan deserves normalized relations by ambassador Nat Bellocchi

  • Former President Chen Shui-bian hospitalized
    • ... and returned to prison again

  • Report from Washington
    • House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing

  • Book Review
    • The Mapping of Taiwan, by Jerome Keating
      reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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