Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 130, November / December 2010

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  • "Big Five" election results
    • A comeback for the DPP
    • Implications for Ma Ing-jeou's China policy
    • The US needs to reassess its position

  • China's rise and security in East Asia
    • Connecting the dots from Korea on down
    • The Senkaku imbroglio continued
    • Is Taiwan the weak link?

  • Rapprochement on the rocks?
    • China increasing number of missiles
    • Slight at Tokyo International Film Festival
    • Taekwondo "sockgate" at Asian Games
    • Wall Street Journal: War clouds over Taiwan

  • Erosion of justice and democracy
    • District Court: Chen Shui-bian not guilty
    • Supreme Court hands down 11 years' sentence
    • The justice system and politics in Taiwan

  • Report from Washington
    • Implications of the US election results
    • Bill Clinton missed an opportunity, by Nat Bellocchi

  • Book Review
    • America's security and Taiwan's freedom by Jay T. Loo, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

  • Taiwan Communiqué at thirty
    • A message to our readers

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