Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 13, August 1983

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  • Freedom of religion?
    • The law to protect religion?
    • A brief history of the Presbyterian Church
    • The 1977 Declaration on Human Rights
    • On Reverend Kao Chun-ming
  • An American odyssee for two Taiwanese women
    • Hsu Jung-hsu's statements
  • Mr. Teng Hsiao-ping's empty promises
  • Prison report
    • Yang Chin-hai moved back to Green Island
    • The case of Chang Ming-ch'uan
    • Listing of political prisoners on Green Island
    • ............. and at Jen-ai

  • Freedom of the Press?
    • A dismal censorship record
    • Care no. 20 confiscated
    • Progress: two confiscated and suspended for a year
  • Articles and Publications
    • Taiwan Church News: Occasional Bulletin
    • TROUW: Taiwan ties down its churches
    • Wall St. Journal: Why Taiwan has difficulty being Taiwan
  • Notes
    • World Federation of Taiwanese Associations
    • Legislative elections on 3 December 1983
    • More on KMT spying in the USA
    • Late news: Presbyterian church building torn down

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