Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 129, September / October 2010

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  • China's military challenge and Taiwan
    • China's actions and expansionism raises concerns
    • Which way is the Ma administration tilting?

  • "Big Five" elections in November
    • DPP increases chances of win in the North
    • Elections will change political landscape

  • ECFA signed and approved, now what?
    • Legislative Yuan reneges on its role
    • Major demonstrations protest ECFA signing

  • Opinion polls in Taiwan
    • Economic rebound doesn't increase Ma popularity
    • Pro-independence sentiment grows
    • Nat Bellocchi: Reading Taiwan's Tea Leaves

  • The Pentagon Annual report on China
    • No missile drawdown in spite of "reconciliation"
    • What is happening with the F-16s?

  • The games big nations play ...
    • ... also at Little League, by Gary Schmitt

  • Erosion of justice and democracy
    • High Court reduces Chen sentence to 20 years

  • Report from Washington
    • Taiwan-into-the-UN resolution introduced

  • In memoriam Dr. Lin Tsung-yi
    • A towering figure in Taiwan and overseas

  • Book Review
    • The Path to Taiwan's Democracy by Nat Bellocchi, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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