Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 128, June/ July 2010

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  • The ECFA battle continues
    • Into China's orbit or broadening ties?
    • FTA's with the US and other countries?
    • Referendum proposal rejected
    • International scholars express concern

  • "Big Five" elections coming up
    • DPP and KMT nominate candidates
    • Elections could change political landscape

  • Change we can believe in?
    • Something new, but also repeating old mantras

  • International space for Taiwan?
    • World Health Assembly: more form than substance
    • Meaningful participation in ICAO?
    • Ambassador Bellocchi: Taiwan needs a place

  • Erosion of justice and democracy
    • Verdict on former President Chen coming up

  • Report from Washington
    • Congressional briefing on FTA and ECFA

  • Book Review
    • How Taiwan became Chinese by Tonio Andrade, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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