Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 127, March / April 2010

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  • The ECFA debate heats up
    • The DPP and others see dangers
    • Demonstration for "Rice Bowl", against "Black Box"
    • FTAs with other countries?

  • Local elections change political landscape
    • January 9th by-elections landslide for the DPP
    • February 27th elections hard-fought

  • Reassessing relations with China?
    • Obama Administration approves arms sales
    • Google and China: Cyber War?

  • Erosion of justice and democracy continues
    • Former President Chen's incarceration extended
    • Freedom House downgrades Taiwan on Liberties
    • KMT forces amendments of Local Governments Act

  • Taiwan commemorates 228 and Lin family murder
    • Sixty-three years after "February 28"
    • Inquiry on 1980s political murders a whitewash

  • Report from Washington
    • US DIA assesses Taiwan's air defense
    • Where is the beef?

  • In Memoriam Jim Lilley
    • Helped democratic transition in Taiwan

  • Book Review
    • The Spanish Experience in Taiwan, 1626-1642
      by Josť Borao, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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