Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 125, August / September 2009

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  • Two events change political landscape
    • Morakot brings devastation to Southern Taiwan
    • US sends relief and helicopters
    • The Dalai lama visits hard-hit areas
    • World Games bring joy and pride to Kaohsiung

  • Is Taiwan drifting into China's orbit?
    • What is the agenda behind Ma's policies ?
    • President Ma becomes Chairman Ma, too

  • Taiwan's democracy endangered
    • The Civil Servants Neutrality Act
    • Amending the Assembly and Parade Act

  • Judicial persecution continues
    • Chen trial to come to verdict on September 11th
    • Scholars urge release of former President

  • An appeal of the people of Taiwan
    • Presbyterian Church sends President Obama a letter

  • Formosa Betrayed, the movie
    • Hollywood highlights political murders in Taiwan

  • How to Lai with statistics
    • Mainland Affairs Council fudges the numbers

  • Aboriginal politics in Taiwan
    • The Ma government disregards aboriginal rights
    • By Prof. Scott Simon, University of Ottawa

  • Report from Washington
    • In Memoriam Senator Edward M. Kennedy

  • Book Review
    • Democracy in Peril; Taiwan's struggle for survival by J. Michael Cole, reviewed by Gerrit van der Wees

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