Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 122, January / February 2009

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  • Change Taiwan can believe in
    • President Barack Obama takes office
    • What policies to pursue?

  • Taiwan's judicial system on trial
    • The KMT's political vendetta against the DPP
    • No fair trial for Chen Shui-bian
    • Scholars and writers reiterate concern

  • The aftermath of the Chen Yunlin visit
    • Ma administration rejects independent commission
    • "Wild Strawberry" students continue protest
    • The November 6th "Yellow Ribbon" siege
    • Members of Congress write President Bush

  • The Ma administration and Taiwanese identity
    • A Trail of broken promises, by Prof. Don Rodgers

  • Taiwan's economic concerns
    • China's economic tailspin, by by Gerrit van der Wees

  • Environmental concerns
    • Taiwan's endangered pink dolphins, by Christina MacFarquhar, Taiwan

  • Report from Washington
    • In memoriam Senator Claiborne Pell, by Tom Hughes

  • Book Review
    • Taiwan's Statesman, Lee Teng-hui and Democracy by Richard Kagan, reviewed by Jerome Keating

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