Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 121, November / December 2008

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  • Former President Chen Shui-bian arrested
    • Held in incommunicado detention

  • Taiwan at the Crossroads
    • Ma moving too far, too fast .... and in the wrong direction
    • Six hundred thousand protest in Taipei
    • Towards de facto unification?

  • The visit of ARATS Chief Chen Yunlin
    • Turning into a police state once again?
    • Guess who is coming to dinner?
    • The November 6th "Yellow Ribbon" siege
    • Students start "Wild Strawberry" protest

  • Political arrests and detentions in Taiwan
    • Present and former DPP officials arrested
    • Scholars and writers express concern

  • Taiwan and the United States
    • Obama and Taiwan: Fresh beginnings, new directionsby Julian Baum
    • The Bush Administration's Taiwan policy, a retrospective by Michael Fonte

  • US arms sales to Taiwan proceed
    • The Bush Administration notifies Congress

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