Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 118, March/April 2008

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  • Ma Ying-jeou wins presidency
    • The underlying reasons for the DPP defeat
    • Better relations with China? It depends ...
    • Implications for Taiwan itself
    • An eventful campaign
    • Some suggestions for Ma Ying-jeou by Prof. Bruce Jacobs

  • Taiwan's UN referendum, a retrospective
    • Large majority in favor, but not enough to pass
    • Congress urges US to be more supportive
    • ... but State Department continues criticism
    • Zogby poll: 85% in Taiwan support UN membership

  • AEI/Armitage:
    • Agenda for US-Taiwan partnership

  • Report from Washington
    • On the passing of Congressman Tom Lantos
    • House members call for end to "One China" policy

  • Report from Europe
    • Europarliamentarians support UN membership
    • Members of British Parliament urge Taiwan support
    • Protest in Berlin against Steinmeier's misconceptions

  • Book Review: China, Fragile superpower, by Susan Shirk
    • Reviewed by Prof. June Teufel Dreyer

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