Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 115, September / October 2007

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  • Taiwan into the United Nations
    • President Chen submits formal application
    • Mr. Ban Ki-moon’s response
    • The Economist: Blundering by both EU and USA

  • A Club Taiwan can't join by Gary Schmitt, American Enterprise Institute

  • Taiwan’s Presidential campaign
    • Hsieh selects Su Tseng-chang as running mate
    • Ma Ying-jeou not convicted of graft
    • Referendum on UN entry and ill-gotten assets?

  • US Presidential elections and Taiwan
    • Barack Obama and the outdated status quo
    • Hillary Clinton speaks of “strategic ambiguity”

  • Twenty years since end of Martial Law
    • Commemorations in Taipei
    • What about transitional justice?

  • Report from Washington
    • US House unanimously passes High-level resolution
    • Senators write in support of WHO membership

  • Book Review
    • Taiwan, the threatened democracy by Bruce Herschensohn

  • In the limelight
    • Nat Bellocchi, former Chairman of AIT

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