Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 114, June / July 2007

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  • Frank Hsieh DPP Presidential candidate
    • A surprise victory
    • Yeh Chu-lan as vice-Presidential candidate?
    • Ma Ying-jeou can't find a running-mate
    • Premier Su resigns, Chang Chun-hsiung succeeds him

  • Taiwan into the WHO
    • Applying for full membership
    • Congress writes in support of Taiwan
    • The State Department's report to Congress

  • Is the US a nation-state? by Gerrit van der Wees

  • The status quo "as we define it" by Ambassador Harvey Feldman

  • DOD Report 2007 on China's military power
    • Gearing up to take Taiwan by force

  • Saint Lucia establishes Taiwan relations
    • December elections bring diplomatic ties
    • Sir John Compton: a profile in courage

  • Report from Washington
    • High-level resolution introduced in the House
    • Security Archives: How Nixon betrayed Taiwan

  • Book Review
    • A War like no other, by Richard Bush and Mike O'Hanlon

  • In the limelight
    • Centre for Taiwan Studies, SOAS, London

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