Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 112, January / February 2007

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  • "228" Remembered
    • 60th Commemoration of 28th February 1947
    • George Kerr and Allan Shackleton
    • Towards reconciliation?
  • President Chen's world travels
    • Stopping over in San Francisco and Los Angeles
    • Congressman Tancredo protests Mexican move
  • US policies drive Taiwan's isolation by Dan Blumenthal
  • Taipei and Kaohsiung election results
    • The DPP wins Kaohsiung but loses Taipei
    • What do the results tell us?

  • China's rise not so peaceful anymore
    • Hu Jintao and the Chinese White Paper
    • The ASAT anti-satellite test
  • Promote real reform in Taiwan by Jerome Keating
  • Report from Washington
    • A Taiwanese-American tribute to Stephen Solarz
    • New faces in the House and Senate Taiwan Caucus
  • Book Review
    • The China Fantasy by Jim Mann
  • Notes
    • Graph on growth of Taiwanese identity

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