Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 11, April 1983

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  • A hearing and a resolution in the US Congress
    • Resolution on the future of Taiwan
    • Eleven years after the Shanghai Communiqué
  • The State Department’s human rights report
  • Prison report
    • Yang Chinhai rearrested
    • The arrest of Yang Huanghsi
    • The arrest of Professor Lu and Mrs. Maeda
    • A visit to Kueishan prison
    • Some longterm prisoners released
  • Articles and Publications
    • Taiwan Church News, English language edition
    • SPEAHRhead no. 16
    • Trouw : "Many taboos in Taiwan" and
    • "February 28, a day Taiwan never forgets"
  • Freedom of the press
    • Taiwan Panorama banned for a year
    • Tsung- heng no. 22 banned
    • Cultivate confiscated and banned for a year
    • The Asian no. 22 banned
    • The Eighties no. 32 confiscated
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