Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 107, February 2006

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  • The Taiwan arms budget stalemate
    • Pan-blue opposition obstructionism
  • President Lee Teng-hui does Washington
    • "The US inspired my democratic dream"
    • Congress welcoming a "troublemaker"
    • Normalizing international relations
  • December 2005 election results
    • Local elections about local issues
    • President Chen responds, New Year new beginning
  • Panda diplomacy
    • by Kin-ming Liu

  • Mr. Bush's Far East visit
    • Kyoto speech: Taiwan example of democracy
    • China, emulate Taiwan by Iris Ho
    • Delink Taiwan and China by the Taipei Times
  • Taiwan's Constitutional reforms
    • by Prof. Don Rodgers
  • Report from Washington
    • Towards a Taiwan Free Trade Agreement
    • Congress writes Secretary Rice on Avian Flu
  • Notes
    • Book Review: Thunder from the Silent Zone by Paul Monk
    • Taiwan Communiqué becomes FAPA publication

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