Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 105, June 2003

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  • SARS, China, Taiwan and the WHO
    • China’s Chernobyl?
    • We must quarantine China by the Taipei Times
    • The dubious role of the WHO
    • The WHO should live up to its name by the Taipei Times
  • Presidential elections in 2004
    • The Lien-Soong blues
    • Lien Chan more quisling than quixotic by the Taipei Times
    • Mr. Soong’s role in the Lafayette bribery case
    • VP Annette Lu bowing out?

  • China relations
    • Why not call this nation “Taiwan” by Ng Chiao-tong
    • Only losers still think of investing in China , by Prof. Chen Lung-chu
  • The Iraq war
    • A retrospective
    • Recognizing China for what it isn’t, by Parris Chang
    • Time to think of alternatives to the UN , by Paul Lin
  • Report from Washington
    • Congress unanimously supports Taiwan into WHO
    • Chinese spy in the FBI
  • A farewell to our readers

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