Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 10, January 1983

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  • Lin Yi-hsiung, portrait of a prisoner
  • Kaohsiung, three years after
    • Press conference in Washington
    • Senator Kennedy’s statement
  • Democracy and/or Unification ?
    • Mrs. Hsü Jung-shu’s interpellation
    • Prime Minister Sun Yun-suan’s response
    • The Eighties’ editorial
    • Wall St Journal: “Dwindling importance of Unification”
  • You Ch’ing’s proposal for a new party
  • The Kuomintang’s spying in the USA
  • Prison report
    • Hsü Jung-shu’s prison visit
    • Chou Ching-yü: “they cut off the telephone”
    • Where is Yang Chin-hai ?
  • Articles and Publications
    • Taiwan Church News, English language edition
    • Newsweek: “Taiwan’s times of troubles”
    • Asiaweek: “Can Taiwan survive ?”
    • NRC-Handelsblad: “Taiwan, made in Holland”
    • Far Eastern Economic Review: “Tight little island”
  • Freedom of the press
    • Tsung Heng magazine censored
    • Ming Jen magazine banned
    • The Politician banned for one year
    • Tai Yi-shi confiscated
    • CARE magazine no. 11 banned
    • Cultivate magazine censored
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