Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 09, October 1982

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  • Statement by Imprisoned Taiwanese leaders
  • Two six-point statements
    • Overseas Taiwanese express support
    • Non-party leaders give statement
  • Resolution and hearing in U.S. Congress
    • House Resolution 591, martial law in Taiwan
    • Hearing on lack of religious freedom
  • Dutch concern about Taiwan human rights
  • Church news
    • World Alliance of Reformed Churches report
    • New declaration by Presbyterian Church
  • Articles and Publications
    • Presbyterian Church , book on Lin Yi-hsiung
    • The Church and the Law; a lawyer’s opinion
    • Carnegie-Mellon University report on Chen Weng-chen
  • Prison report
    • News on longterm prisoners on Green Island
    • SPEAHRhead's prison reports
  • Notes
    • Taiwan Panorama issue #2 confiscated
    • Vertical-Horizontal issue #17 banned
    • The death of two taxi drivers -- continued
    • The legislators are very old
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