Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 7 / 8, August 1982

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  • Thirty three years of martial law
    • Congressmen appeal for end to martial law
    • Press Conference in Washington
    • Hearing in the U.S. Congress
    • News Reports
  • Prison report
    • Investigating the murder of Lin Yi-hsiung’s family
    • Shih Ming-teh not allowed to see his family
    • Hunger strikes on Green island
    • Health condition of long-term prisoners
    • No bibles for Formosa prisoners at Hsin-tien
  • Mr. Reagan’s letters to China
  • Ms. Lü Hsiu-lien, portrait of a prisoner
  • Is the Taiwanese Association “seditious”?
  • Articles and publications
    • A calendar of Hope
    • Taiwanese Professors’ Association Bulletin
    • The Christian Science Monitor reports
    • Newsweek: Spies in the classroom
    • International Herald Tribune: on Taiwan’s spying
  • Notes
    • The untimely death of two taxi-drivers
    • Revising the Criminal Code
    • Fraud during elections? Don’t have elections!
    • Banning publications
    • Orchid Islanders “like” nuclear dump? .
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