Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 04, July 1981

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  • The Kuomintang "in Dutch" in the Netherlands
    • Just eat, don't ask
    • Taiwan's Church in rough Chinese waters
    • The Presbyterian Church stands up for the people
    • The submarines and repression in Taiwan
  • Professor Seymour testifies in Congress
  • Liu Feng-sung's defense
  • Prison Report
    • "Freedom" is just a word
    • Ms. Lin Wen-chen's property confiscation
    • Deaths in two families
    • Shih Ming-teh writes from prison
    • An old arrest revealed
  • Articles and Publications
    • A British Council of Churches publication
    • A German Church publication
  • Notes
    • Mrs. Yao Chia-wen threatened
    • Amnesty International sends a memo
    • FX or no FX for Taiwan
    • And the banning continues
  • LATE NEWS: Taiwanese-American professor murdered
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