Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 03, March 1981

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  • The Freedom of religion?
    • Uneasy rider for Taiwan Church News
    • An attack against the World Council of Churches
    • Religious law to be revived
    • The submarines and repression in Taiwan

  • Prison Report
    • Grim news from Turtle Mountain
    • Ms. Lin Wen-chen's property confiscated
    • New arrests and sentences
    • Two female opposition leaders sentenced
    • Liu Feng-sung arrested
    • Chang Chun-nan sentenced
    • A businessman "surrenders"
    • Two Malaysian students sentenced

  • State Department human rights report
  • Legal scholar John Kaplan evaluates Kaohsiung Incident trial
  • Notes
    • Dr. You Ching elected to the Control Yuan
    • NRC grants nuclear export license
    • US to sell police equipment to Taiwan
    • Yet another publication banned
    • "Voice of Taiwan" in English

  • Articles and Publications
    • SPEAHRhead special issue on Taiwan
    • The Eighties reappears
    • FAHR report on the Kaohsiung Incident
    • Congressional Research Service report
    • Taiwan Relations Act oversight hearing

  • Memorial service in Taipei
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