Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 02, January 1981

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  • Who murdered Lin Yi-hsiung's mother and daughters?

  • A return to closed trials

  • Prison Report
    • Hunger strike on December 10th 1980
    • Lin Yi-hsiung suffering
    • Shih Ming-teh still in solitary confinement

  • A letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by Prof. Lin Jun-yi

  • In the wake of two Dutch submarines

  • Taiwan, China and Ray S. Cline

  • Articles and Publications
    • Far Eastern Economic Review: "A moderately successful poll"
    • Asiaweek: "...Reads like Kuomintang propaganda"

  • Notes
    • Chang Chun-nan arrested
    • Special arrest campaign
    • A Kaohsiung Incident movie?
    • Action: release Lin Yi-hsiung campaign

  • The Kaohsiung Tapes published
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