Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 01, December 1980

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  • Election results
    • "Kaohsiung Eight" relatives top vote getters
    • Built-in hurdles
    • An eye-witness account

  • Reverend Kao: to suffer for justice' sake

  • The Kaohsiung Tapes: "What really happened on December 10th 1979?

  • Well-timed arrests: Kao Hao-yuan and Yeh Tao-lei

  • Prison Report
    • Lin Hung-hsuan threatened
    • Ch'en Chü and Lü Hsiu-lien moved
    • Chang Chün-hung's poetry

  • Articles and publications
    • British opinions: the Guardian
    • Asiaweek: "...Reads like Kuomintang propaganda"

  • Notes
    • FEER Journalist not welcome
    • Japanese opinions

  • Some early political cartoons
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