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Major Recent Events and Issues:

March 2005: China's "anti-secession law"

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials

November 2010

December 2010

Taipei Times editorial: No such restraint on Lien shooting

Prof. J. Bruce Jacobs: Election pointers for the future

Liu Shih-chung: Preparing for the 2012 election

Taipei Times editorial: Who really won the elections?

Liberty Times editorial: Divining the will of the public

2010 Elections: Voters confirm ‘status quo’

2010 Elections: Despite northern setback, DPP is on the right track

Taipei Times editorial: Taking a stand on North Korea

2010 Elections: Candidates make last campaign appeals

Son of Lien Chan shot in face at KMT campaign rally

Taipei Times editorial: How far is far enough?

2010 Elections: Taiwanese ready for pivotal polls

European Union approves plan to grant visa-free entry to Taiwanese

2010 Election profile: Su Tseng-chang, the comeback kid

Prof. Honingmann Hong: Taiwan exclusion to last a while

James Wang: Diplomatic acumen is needed to gain international space

Rebiya Kadeer cautions against China’s ‘sweet’ promises

Tsai Ing-wen seeking to change the face of campaign politics

Liu Shih-chung: Taiwan’s democracy is maturing

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Bill Clinton missed an opportunity

Freedom House director objects to CNA’s coverage

USCC report urges closer Taiwan-US relationship

Taiwanese taekwondo athlete disqualified in sensor spat

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: questions timing of KMT’s ‘happy’ rally

Prof. Chen Yaw-shyang: Clarifying the president’s powers

Taipei Times editorial: One ‘friendly reminder’ too many

Mrs. Yang-Liu Hsiu-Hwa The urgent need for a country to call our own

Opinion polls show close races in Taipei and Sinbei cities

DPP candidate Su Tseng-chang hopes to reshape Taiwanese politics

Ma Ying-jeou: warns against Chinese snubs

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: For better relations, China has to alter approach

Former President Chen describes court ruling as ‘political murder’

Taipei Times editorial: An inconvenient truth

J. Michael Cole: Was the judiciary independent?

Taiwanese-American organizations urge Clinton to be "neutral"

Chen Shui-bian and wife get 11 years for land deal

John Tkacik: Remembering a great China hand, Jim Lilley

Ketty Chen: Democracy, free speech under siege in Taiwan

Gerrit van der Wees: The justice system and politics in Taiwan

2010 "Big Five" elections: Taipei City: the margin narrows

2010 "Big Five" elections: Sinbei City too close to call

Michael Danielsen: Time for the EU to make a stand for democracy

Prosecutors indict High Court judges on corruption charges

Taipei Times editorial: Chen’s ghost returns to haunt Ma

Former President Chen Shui-bian found not guilty in bribery trial

Notice from Education Ministry sparks outrage

Former premier Yu Shyi-kun: Election results could alter cross-strait policies

Richard Bush: Cross-Strait security "worrysome"

DPP accuses Ma administration of snubbing Abe

MIB officer held as China double agent

Nat Bellocchi: November polls and US-Taiwan relations

Former President Chen seeks release

Taipei Times editorial: Ma must stand up to Beijing

Hoonting: Understanding Taiwan's status

September 2010

DPP and media lambaste Public Television reshuffle

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: The Diaoyutai: keeping the bigger picture in mind

Sushil Seth: China Janus-faced in US relations

Taipei Times editorial: The new East Asia world order

Thousands of people attend DPP anniversary celebrations

Lin Cho-shui: The Diaoyutai: Chinese nationalism a potent force

Taipei Times editorial: Students are losers in history battle

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: If it wins in 2012, DPP would maintain PRC policy

DPP criticizes Wen Jiabao missiles hint

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Understanding the opinions in polls

J. Michael Cole: Six years of made-up politics

Taipei Times editorial: Typhoon Fanapi: Now is not the time for politicking

Prof. Lee Chien-liang: Referendums support democracy

Analysts: Ma Ying-jeou following Beijing’s lead over Diaoyutais

Paul Lin: China's acting skills on full display

James Wang: Comparing Taiwan to Germany is off the mark

Jean Wu: Play fair, let Taiwan go at bat in the UN

US politicians seek full UN membership for Taiwan

Wang Jyh-perng: US grows wary of the East Wind

Ambassador Joseph Wu: Beware of China's peace offensive

Straits Exchange Foundation: ECFA goes into effect today

Taipei judge refers protest law to Grand Justices

Arms sales to Taiwan threatened by US-PRC military dialogue

Liu Shih-chung: The DPP must learn from Chen’s flaws

Taipei Times editorial: Nan Shan Insurance review sets right example

Nathan Novak: A downturn would strip the ECFA’s thin facade

Taipei Times editorial: A skewed sense of priorities

Liu Shih-chung: Ma mimicking Chen's behavior

DPP candidates advance in north races

July 2010

Migration Policy analysis: Taiwanese doing well in US

James Wang: Chairman Ma and his drive for unification

US lawyer Yang Tai-yu: US bid to seize Chen properties raises queries

Susan Wang: Taiwan is following the path of Xinjiang

Global Views Survey: Post-ECFA poll finds record number against unification

Randall Schriver: China intent on annexation

J. Michael Cole: Speakers nix PRC cyber warfare talk under pressure

Tsai Ing-wen: PRC not a "responsible stakeholder"

Taipei Times editorial: Another sign of regression under Ma

Rebiya Kadeer’s daughter in Taiwan for film show

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: solidifies party leadership

MDef report: PRC's preparations to attack Taiwan accelerate

Nathan Novak: ECFA could marginalize Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Legislative "review" turns into a farce

Liberty Times editorial: Lament for Taiwan democracy

Prof. Jerome Keating: Doing things right the first time

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen accuses KMT of opaqueness

Freedom House cites sovereignty woes in Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Now the pan-blue media oppose "partisan politics"

Legislative Yuan: No deal yet on legislature's ECFA review

Taipei Times editorial: The DPP must avoid factionalism

Sushil Seth: The rise of neo-imperialist China

Taiwan academic says ECFA gives the edge to Beijing

Protesters in Taipei demand full review of ECFA

J. Michael Cole: Sovereignty upheld? Think again.

Peter Enav of AP: ECFA underlines shifting relations

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: China’s deployment of missiles is a mistake

May 2010

Liberty Times editorial: The illogical fear of referendums

Deputy Defense Minister Andrew Yang: China still a threat

J. Michael Cole: It's actually not just the economy, stupid

The DPP outlines campaign platform for "Big Five" elections

DPP election picks for "Big Five" to be made official today

Taipei Times editorial: ECFA politics rear their ugly head

DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen to run in Sinbei City

Former political prisoners recall friendship, hardship

International scholars: Open letter to LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng

President Ma Ying-jeou: ECFA part of a global trend

Taiwanese-Americans and international scholars: attack ECFA

Taipei Times editorial: Electoral promises must be kept

James Wang: The path to "eventual unification" with China

Ma Ying-jeou reiterates 'no unification' pledge

US academic: Hard times ahead for US' Taiwan policy

Liu Shih-chung: Reflecting on Ma’s two lost years

Prof. Ruan Ming: No need for Taiwan-China peace pact

Taiwan academics warn of danger to democracy

US Congress passes resolution on Taiwanese heritage week

Li Thian-hok: Ma is jeopardizing Taiwan’s life and liberty

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Ma should never have said "never" to the US

Edward Wung in San Diego: Ma Ying-jeou's ‘never’ is a wake-up call

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: The myth about "reducing tension"

Stephen Hadley urges Taiwan-China dialogue

Taipei Times editorial: Judicial bias harder to disbelieve

Lai I-chung: Beijing should heed Tsai’s call for dialogue

Presidential response to Tsai Ing-wen letter "regrettable"

US-Taiwan Business Council report recommends F-16 sale

Pro-independence groups slam Ma over CNN "never" comment

Lin Hsih-chia: WHO status still at China’s whim

DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen: no urgency for ECFA trade deal

Taipei Times editorial: Politics after ECFA debate

US Congressman Andrews introduces Taiwan-US FTA resolution

Thousands in Taipei protest Chen Shui-bian detention

Steve Wang: Only Ma would refuse help for defense

Sushil Seth: Discontent checks China's dreams

Huang Jei-hsuan: Make a choice -- stop Ma

Taipei Times editorial: Lafayette guilty still need to be found

Prof. Ji Shun-jie: Balancing past and present is the key

Lai I-chung: An ECFA is a threat to Taiwan’s status quo

Liberty Times editorial: Ma is whittling sovereignty away

Michael Danielsen and Gunter Whittome: Legislative backsliding threatens democracy

Prof. Peng Ming-min: ‘Peace talks’ with PRC a trap — just ask Tibet

Taiwanese-Americans criticize Ma's controversial CNN statement

Taipei Times editorial: Is Taiwan the new ‘pariah’ state?

Lin Cho-shui: Ma’s strategy built on factual errors

Presidential office tries to downplay Ma's CNN comments

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan needs place in the world

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: signals willingness to talk to Beijing

Freedom House: Taiwan's press freedoms in decline

March 2010

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Is an ECFA beneficial to Taiwan … or the US?

Taipei Times editorial: Consensus needed on death penalty

US admiral Willard confirms Chinese military build-up

James Wang: "Brotherhood" misleading for modern nation states

Taiwanese Americans petition President Obama to help Taiwan

Mixed response to prediction that Ma will lose in 2012

USCC hearing testimony: support for sale of F-16s growing

Ex-TFD chief Lin Wen-cheng: Ma pushed me to quit

Former diplomat Benjamin Lu skeptical about benefits of an ECFA

James Wang: Beijing's intentions for ECFA very clear

DPP legislators reject ECFA report as "false front"

Taipei Times editorial: ECFA requires more than "belief"

DPP legislators: Wen Jiabao a ‘liar,’ ECFA a tool

Joseph Nye: China is seriously miscalculating

Presidential office defends ECFA plan

Liu Shih-chung: ECFA and Taiwan’s footnote in history

John Tkacik: ECFA threatens competitiveness

Sushil Seth: PRC paranoia over Taiwan, Tibet

Ker Chien-ming: China’s vow to look after Taiwanese interests

Lee Teng-hui calls for deepening democracy

Paul Lin: China rolls out sticks and carrots

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Addressing the military imbalance

Taipei Times editorial: Will KMT drive for reform waver?

J. Michael Cole: Beijing sees culture as a weapon

Beijing issues new warnings on Tibet and Taiwan

Taiwan observes 228 anniversary and commemorate Lin Yi-hsiung family murder

January 2010

Lin Feng-jeng: Prosecutor-general was a symptom, not the cure

AIT Chair Burghardt: Taiwan-US relations "in great shape"

J. Michael Cole: Experts question US shift on PRC spy monitoring

Ma Ying-jeou touts "success" of China policy

China warns US on arms sales for Taiwan

J. Michael Cole: "UDN" sees an evil US plot in Haiti

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: Taiwan ruled by unelected leader

Taipei Times editorial: Seeking a man of substance

Global Views magazine poll: President Ma’s trust index drops to new low

Prof. Nancy Tucker: Taiwan's loss of independence a threat to US

President Obama informs Congress of arms sales

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Google’s wake-up call to the world

DPP reaches decision on procedure for selecting candidates

Liu Shih-chung: Ma is pursuing a personal agenda

Michael Danielsen: Aiming for FTAs that would help Taiwan

US thinktank study tests "fall of Taiwan", threat to the US

Former AIT Chair Nat Bellocchi: Gilley’s ‘Finlandization’ is wrong

Liberty Times editorial: ECFA: Wickedness in the guise of policy

Taiwan critics pan probe of 1980s murders

LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng: Legislative Yuan could overrule ECFA

Google attacks used addresses based in Taiwan

J. Michael Cole: Adimmune vaccine: Saving or risking lives?

Taipei Times editorial: Selling snake oil to the electorate

US DOD officials promise arms for Taiwan

Prof. Chen Chao-chien: The storm hasn’t even started yet

CSIS report calls for slow approach to CBMs

Ma Ying-jeou: US completion of arms deal a confidence booster

Beijing tests missile defense system

Huang Chi-ta: Forget Finland, think Hong Kong

Taipei Times editorial: The PRC barks sanctions, but can it bite?

J. Michael Cole: PRC students, a blessing in disguise

Gerrit van der Wees: Democracy and human rights still regressing

Taiwanese experts: Ma Ying-jeou faces tough challenge after KMT losses

Taipei Times editorial: Will the KMT learn its lesson?

By-election victories cement DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen’s status

NCCU Prediction Center says Ma’s re-election chances plunge

Taipei Times report: DPP wins all three seats in by-elections

Assistant Secretary of State Campbell: Defense, beef ban unrelated

J. Michael Cole: In beef debacle, Su Chi emerges as main villain

William Lowther in the TT: Chinese threat won’t sway arms deal

Celia Llopis-Jepsen: Bar association attacks MOJ proposed amendments of Criminal Code

Legislative Yuan bans some US beef products

Ma Ying-jeou renews call on Beijing to remove missiles

Taipei Times editorial: Beef spat mustn’t harm US relations

Liberty Times editorial: Taiwan must uphold sovereignty

Huang Kun-huei: No surprise public faith in ma is nosediving

US-Taiwan Business Council: Obama imperiling Taiwan

Celia Llopis-Jepsen: Justice delayed, justice denied

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan: Sanctuary then and now

Lu I-mi: Promises, promises -- but where is the loot?

Taipei Times editorial: Beef debacle is Ma’s opportunity

Lai I-chung: Democracy dams the China flood

James Wang: Defeatist KMT bosses kowtow to Chen Yunlin

John Pike of Global Security downplays PRC threat to Taiwan

DPP considering move to invalidate Nov. 27 elections

Journalism professors urge government to stop use of media ‘advertorials’

Kuomintang government slows pace of cross-strait ties

Wang Jyh-perng In search of military consensus

DPP surges in local Council speaker elections

Japanese support helping US defend Taiwan

MAC Chair Lai Shin-yuan sets missile talk conditions

Hong Kong poll: support for Taiwan’s UN bid increases

Taipei Times editorial: Ma’s delusions of ‘soft power’

Liberty Times editorial: Time to ask more of our diplomats

J. Michael Cole: Why has the WTO yet to be notified about ECFA?

Chen Yun-lin & delegation arrive in Taipei

Liu Shih-chung: Dealing with the resurgent DPP

Prof. Cho Chun-ying: No place for politicking on human rights issues

Taiwan police mobilize for cross-strait talks

DPP Commissioner threatens probe protest

United States pressuring EU on China arms embargo

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan's political isolation must cease

J. Michael Cole: ‘Taiwan consensus’ is a travesty

Taipei Times editorial: Shedding light on the shooting

DPP suing KMT quartet over shooting comments

Jim Steinberg: US, PRC discussing ways for Taiwan to join world bodies

Opinion poll shows pessimism about nation’s rights and freedoms

Liberty Times editorial: Democracy has no room for bullets

Shooter not aiming for Sean Lien

Taipei Times editorial: Ready to talk with Beijing - again

Taiwan High Court sets Chen’s prison term at 17-and-a-half-years

Nathan Novak: KMT gang links cause for concern

Randy Schriver urges US to engage with DPP

Former president Chen transferred to penitentiary

Taiwan judiciary accused of laxness in probe of shooting

October 2010

AIT director Stanton: Cross-strait engagement best path to peace

"Big Five" candidates draw election numbers

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT’s ‘victory’ over Japan

James Wang: Trying to make sense of Ma’s AP corrections

Ma Ing-jeou: ‘1992 consensus’ is basis of ties

Kurt Campbell denies split on China policy

FAPA blasts Ma over AP interview, drift toward China

DPP Caucus: Demand an apology from Beijing over film festival

Sovereignty spat spills to Tokyo film festival

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Membership of the UN is the right of all nations

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: PRC hard at it to change cross-strait status quo

Taipei Times editorial: Ma’s China misquotes irrelevant

Associated Press interview controversy takes new twist

Vincent Siew calls on China to face up to ROC

Ma in AP interview: Moving ahead with China

DPP says public doesn’t support Ma moves

President Ma touts Chinese culture

China offers Taiwan military dialogue

Prof. Lin Terng-yaw: Taiwan legislature in dire need of reform

Taipei Times editorial: Actions, not words, needed on human rights

China offers Taiwan military dialogue

State Department says US won’t stop Taiwan arms sales

Taipei Times editorial: ‘Children’ of Yan and Huang: And?

Ma Ying-jeou calls on China to remove missiles

Opinion poll: Taiwanese pride suffers under Ma

J. Michael Cole: PRC belligerence brings Taiwan in from cold

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize

US analysts Sutter and Barfield apprehensive over US-Taiwan ties

Chinese security chief Chen Zhimin targeted Tibetans

J. Michael Cole: Beguiled by Wen Jiabao’s missile promise

James Wang: Diaoyutai claim not upheld by old papers

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT's trumpeting "Taiwan" during election time

AIT Chief Raymond Burghardt: US still mulling F-16 sale

Taiwan dty defense minister Andrew Yang: China threat ‘has never diminished’

US Security experts Waldron and Blumenthal warn on China threat

Japan worried over ROC interpretation

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Supporters in for "surprise"

Mainland Affairs Council not ready to talk missiles

Taiwan and USA in first TIFA talks in three years

August 2010

US voices concern on trips to China by retired generals

Taipei Times editorial: Our soldiers deserve better

Nathan Novak: Ma can no longer rely on gloomy economics

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Taiwanese must heed report on PRC military power

Dean Cheng, Heritage Foundation: Living with a modernized PLA

United States moving forward with radar sales

Liu Shih-chung: Ma’s cross-strait approach worries US

Taipei Times editorial: Ma playing the blame game

Taipei Times editorial: For the love of Taiwan, get it right

Liberty Times editorial: Ma’s ‘state of peace’ does not exist

Taipei Times editorial: Playing politics with democracy

Nathan Novak: Selective recall still benefits KMT

Sushil Seth: US-China showdown looming

J. Michael Cole: Taiwan’s debate on submarine expansion resurfaces

Wang Jyh-perng: Taiwan must end subtle submarine policy

Legislative Yuan opens door to Chinese students

China lashes out at "agressive" US military report

DPP vows to revisit ECFA when it regains power

Taipei Times editorial: Worrying about Taiwan’s future

Michael Danielsen: The bizarre world of the KMT is not sustainable

US Pentagon report: PLA plans to isolate Taiwan

Legislative Yuan gives approval to ECFA

Taipei Times editorial: A very dangerous import from China

Legislative Yuan reaches consensus on ECFA review procedure

Nathan Novak: Ideology rules cross-strait relations

J. Michael Cole: Lofty rhetoric leads nowhere

Lu I-ming: Waiting for Ma’s reply to the PLA’s latest moves

DPP slams Ma for UN bid decision

Opposition threatens ECFA boycott over referendum

Chen Mao-hsiung: Elections not true measure for 2012

Jean Wu and Susan Wang: Taiwan is building a bridge too far to China

Taiwan Solidarity Union vows to go on after referendum is rejected again

Prof. Li Ching-lieh: ECFA must guarantee free-trade agreements

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan’s key role in the South China Sea

Taipei Times editorial: Back to a policy of containment?

Liu Shih-chung: Ma in no rush on political talks

Gerrit van der Wees: Rose-tinted glasses are needed for the EFCA

MAC head Lai Shin-yuan denies caving in to China

Taipei Times editorial: Ma plays the same old tune again

Prosecutor Chen Chi-ming: Judicial reforms need a rethink

J. Michael Cole: War game gives Taipei just three days

Nathan Novak: The political reality of ‘Buy Taiwan’

Richard Fisher: What Taiwan’s ‘few’ are facing

Jean Wu: Wake up to the ECFA before it is a nightmare

June 2010

Taipei Times report: Taiwan, China sign trade pact

Rupert Hammond-Chambers: China lobbying provokes freeze on US arms sales

Michael Danielsen: Peace across the Strait

FAPA president Bob Yang: ECFA and the trading away of freedom

TSU Chair Huang Kun-huei: Democratic Taiwan needs ECFA referendum

Dafydd Fell: How to achieve political consensus

Steve Tsang: Now is the time to forge consensus

Taipei Times report: Protesters brave storms to rally against ECFA

Taipei Times editorial: How healthy will ECFA be?

Lu I-ming: Cross-strait unification and the US

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Lee Teng-hui's democratic legacy

DPP fears KMT may spark violence at ECFA protest

US-based Taiwan supporters decry Ma's ‘province’ remark

Taipei Times editorial: Ma still unclear on Taiwan’s status

President Ma Ying-jeou refers to "Taiwan Province" in meet with Texas governor Perry

Jim Steinberg denies China offered to redeploy forces

Liang Wen-chieh: On the trials of Chen Shui-bian

Liberty Times editorial: the real meaning of "lost years"

FAPA in Washington criticizes High Court verdict of Chen Shui-bian

Chen Shui-bian's sentence cut to 20 years

Liberty Times editorial: Vote to improve Taiwan's future

Taiwan Solidarity Union threatens lawsuit over referendum rejection

Ma Ying-jeou: ECFA will reposition Taiwan

Democratic opposition and FAPA strongly protest ECFA referendum rejection

Referendum Review Committee rejects ECFA referendum proposal

Congressional Research Service report notes concern over Ma administration

Taipei Times editorial: Nightmare scenario under ECFA

President Ma Ying-jeou: urges PRC not to block FTAs

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen launches her Sinbei City election campaign in Tamsui

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: The Korea crisis: Taiwan needs to stand by its allies

April 2010

Taipei Times editorial: The reason for the ECFA rush

Member of US Congress call for US-Taiwan FTA, criticize ECFA

James Holmes and Toshi Yoshihara Taiwan must update naval strategy

Ma-Tsai debate: Punches but no knockout

Ma Ying-jeou promotes ECFA to foreign press

DPP Chair Tsai questions Ma on job losses from signing ECFA

Taipei Times editorial: Chairperson Tsai must push DPP's 10-year plan

Full text of ECFA debate between Chairperson Tsai and President Ma

KMT's Ma and DPP's Tsai hold debate on signing ECFA with China

Liu Shih-chung: Referendums are not political tools

Prof. Peng Ming-min: Behind China’s words lies self-interest

Taipei Times editorial: Amendments threaten democracy

Members of Congress support ICAO observer status for Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Ma causing his own unpopularity

Robert Kaplan: US, Taiwan should cooperate to thwart PRC

Lawmakers in the LY clash over PRC students

Michael Danielsen: KMT Government policy will sow further division

Prime Minister Wu: Ma never opposed referendums

Taipei Times editorial: A far cry from "repairing" ties with the US and Japan

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: What US president Obama should tell Hu Jintao

Taipei Times editorial: Victory for ECFA opponents in debate

Ma Ying-jeou to stay the course on cross-strait policies

KMT officials deny ECFA is a threat to white-collar jobs

Liu Shih-chung: What a reelected DPP should do

High Court to deliver Chen Shui-bian verdict in June

Taipei Times editorial: The devil is in the details

Chow Mei-li: Taiwan must avoid becoming a new Tibet

Taipei Times editorial: Too many doubts remain about ECFA

In Taoyuan: Scuffles break out over ECFA meeting

February 2010

Taipei Times: The DPP almost makes another clean sweep

Taipei Times editorial: A return to party-state rule?

J. Michael Cole: Ma ‘error’ throws Taiwan back two decades

Jerome Keating: Unpopular Chou will be rewarded for party loyalty

Liu Shih-chung: Taipei, Sinbei: a tale of two cities

Taipei Times editorial: Where do Ma's loyalties lie

Washington commentators: DIA report may not sway US on F-16s

Prof. Bruce Jacobs: Su Chi’s resignation long overdue

Taipei Times editorial: Without birds, arms sales is theater

US Defense Intelligence report: Taiwan’s Air Force needs help

Taiwan scholars: Year-end elections a race against time for DPP

Prof. Parris Chang: Justifying US arms sales to Taiwan

Richard Halloran: Beijing's "arrogance" has US on the defensive

Presidential office: Ma Ying-jeou's "two nation" comment a mistake; China is "area" under ROC

Taipei Times: Su Chi resigns as chief of NSC

Control Yuan votes to impeach former GIO Minister Shieh Jhy-wey

Taipei Times editorial: Beijing's "anger" collides with reality

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Arms sales: the right move at the right time

Taiwan High Court extends detention period for Chen

Sushil Seth: PRC’s wolf just keeps huffing, but for what?

Heritage Foundation study warns of submarine arms race

Taipei Times editorial: Billions later, is Taiwan any safer?

Democratic Progressive Party: Taiwan must push for jets, subs

Reuters report: Arms sale could provide slim boost to Ma’s image

William Lowther in the TT: US positive on arms deal