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Major Recent Events and Issues:

March 2005: China's "anti-secession law"

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials

November 2009

December 2009

Prof. Emerson Chang: Is the US marginalizing Taiwan?

Lai I-chung of Taiwan- Thinktank: The crisis after the Obama-Hu statement

LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng: Planned ECFA needs legislative review

John J. Tkacik: Thoughts on a perfect American ambassador, James Lilley

Jerome Keating: The beef is really with Ma, not Washington

Taiwan Thinktank urges FTAs before China's ECFA

Ambassador Joseph Wu: Obama-Hu statement: Taiwan loses

AIT head Ray Burghardt: US policy on Taiwan unchanged

Charles Snyder: Obama's jarring first trip to China

Liberty Times editorial: Negotiating Taiwan’s sovereignty away

Taipei Times editorial: Ma administration rolls over again

J. Michael Cole: Did the DPP fall into a US beef trap?

US lawmakers want data on weapons sales to Taiwan

Democratic Progressive Party unhappy with Obama comments

Former ambassador Joseph Wu warns of ulterior aims in ‘peace accord’

European academics urge Ma to seek public consensus

International scholars and writers: Open letter to taiwan's President

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: Ma’s cross-strait policy misguided

Former AIT chair Nat Bellocchi: Pitfalls and possibilities in Obama’s Taiwan line

President Obama goes to Asia: No change to policy on arms sales to Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: DPP needs coherent policies to win

Ambassador Hisahiko Okazaki: Don’t concede more on Taiwan

US Admiral Mullen: Risk of conflict in Taiwan Strait reduced

Taiwan Supreme Court rejects Chen Shui-bian appeal against detention

Former President Lee Teng-hui: voters may punish Ma in local elections

Interview with the Dalai Lama: putting democracy above economy

J. Michael Cole: Friendship is no bar to espionage

September 2009

Taipei Times editorial: When words and actions diverge

Taipei Times editorial: A double loss for Ma and his party

US academics decry unfair treatment in Chen trial

Taiwan legal experts question court rulings in Chen case

US-Taiwan Business Council: President Ma is rushing ECFA

Kaohsiung mayor Chen Chu gives support to film, human rights

Taipei Times editorial: Between obstinence and capitulation

Legal analysts: Chen’s case highlights judicial shortcomings

Former envoy Joseph Wu warns on Ma policies

J. Michael Cole: "Status quo" is a hostile takeover

Senator Sherrod Brown: Taiwan democracy in peril

J. Michael Cole: Weak voices make abuse possible

US organizations: Suspicions of political meddling in Chen trial

Prof. J. Bruce Jacobs: Murder probe reveals nothing new

Taipei Times editorial: A guilty verdict to scorn

Protesters & DPP members reject ‘illegitimate’ verdict

Prof. Jerome Cohen: Chen should be released during appeal

Taipei Times editorial: Unintentional sobriety

New Prime Minister Wu Den-yih announces Cabinet line-up

Liu Shih-chung: Is it a new Cabinet with old habits?

Lawyers and protesters ready for Chen Shui-bian verdict

Prof. Yao Jen-to: Behold China’s network in Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Ma no longer ruler of his domain

Prime Minister Liu resigns, Wu Den-yih to replace him

Former foreign minister Mark Chen: Senator Ted Kennedy was a true friend of Taiwan

Taiwan supporters bid farewell to the Dalai Lama visit

Taipei Times editorial: Propaganda overshadows Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama: calls for democracy in the PRC

Prof. J. Bruce Jacobs: Taiwan’s legal system and Chen Shui-bian

Taipei Times editorial: Kaohsiung mayor Chen Chü takes center stage

The Dalai Lama moves thousands at Kaohsiung ceremony

Taipei Times editorial: The Dalai Lama's visit; and now the punishment begins

The Dalai Lama visits areas hit hardest by typhoon Morakot

July 2009

James Wang: MAC's Lai delivers the wrong message in Washington

William Lowther: Stanton looks forward to Taipei AIT post

Cao Changqing: Praising Chiang Kai-shek and poisoning the nation

Prof. Parris Chang: Ma's quest to achieve total control

Lin Cho-shui: Support for sovereignty and DPP no longer tied

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: The shame of restoring a memorial to a killer

Prof. Jerome Keating: Ma flying by the seat of his pants

Hong Chi-chang: The dangers of political investment

Taipei Times editorial: Skeletons still locked in the closet

Cao Changqing: Local judicial rights under attack

US government appoints AIT director William Stanton

Taipei Times editorial: The memorial hall whitewash

Investigators find report on 1981 Chen Wen-cheng murder case

May 2009

Ma Ying-jeou rejects the idea of an ECFA referendum

James Wang: Taiwan’s sovereignty is not a plaything

Prof. Chen Shih-meng: Tsai must be clear on Chen’s right to fair trial

Taipei Times editorial: Chen Chu leads, Wu kowtows

Sushil Seth: The CCP continues to see ghosts

Taipei Times editorial: KMT-CCP talks put pressure on Ma

Prof. Ruan Ming: Beijing easily outmaneuvering Ma

Taipei Times editorial: Marking June 4 is not ‘inconvenient’

Taipei Times editorial: Stop the erosion before it is too late

Human rights forum: PRC erodes rights abroad

Taiwan Thinktank speakers criticize WHA strategy

Legislator Kuan Bi-ling: An obvious invitation to national humiliation

Taipei Times editorial: One year down the drain

Liu Shih-chung of Brookings: Ma's year in the pressure cooker

Paul Lin: In defense of stupidity in Chinese agreements

International scholars and writers send open letter to Taiwan's president

Taipei Times editorial: Sorry conduct by Health Minister at the WHA

US Congressman Royce calls for overhaul of Taiwan policy

James Wang Taiwan moving backwards in time

Taipei Times editorial: Newswire agencies all at sea on Taiwan

Ma Ying-jeou defends his administration in press conference

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan's war of numbers

Democratic Progressive Party wraps up sit-in demonstration

Taiwanese protesters vent anger at Ma policies

Taipei protesters find novel ways to voice discontent

Taipei Times editorial: The right to demand better

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen calls for police calm during protest

Taiwan academics State repression has not been put to rest

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Sunday rally is just the beginning

Prison wardens punish former President Chen over hunger strike

DPP leaders Tsai and Su visit imprisoned Chen Shui-bian

Taipei Times editorial: A "secret" everyone knows but Ma

Lu I-ming: Who dares to cross the PRC-backed SEF head?

Taipei Times editorial: A crystal clear lack of transparency

John Tkacik: Taiwan’s ‘undetermined’ status

Huang Jei-hsuan in LA: Cross-strait bliss

District Court rules to extend Chen's detention

Ma Ying-jeou casts doubt on existence of WHO MOU

Taipei Times editorial: Ma's challenge to the nation

Charles Snyder: A free press is an essential freedom

The DPP says: Ma is tilting towards unification

Former Vice-President Annette Lu: Promoting a ‘two China’ policy

Former President Chen hospitalized after suffering dehydration

Former Information Minister Lin Chia-lung: Taiwanese statehood has a legal justification

Taipei Times editorial: Engagement is not changing China

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen warns of strategic collapse

Former President Chen Shui-bian: "Let's end this judicial circus"

Chiang Ping-kun tenders resignation, Ma says no

US DOD alarmed by bold PRC vessels

Lu Shih-hsiang: Freedom of the press takes a step backward

Freedom House monitoring Taiwan press

PRC slams Japan’s envoy to Taiwan over ‘status’

Taipei Times editorial: It’s Japan-bashing season again

Ma Ying-jeou calls on police to be tolerant

Lin Cheng-yi: The folly of ignoring cross-strait imbalance

Liberty Times: More milestones in a losing battle

J. Michael Cole: On Chinese zero-sum diplomacy

KMT government attacks Associated Press over WHA report

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: calls proposal ‘prelude to martial law’

World Health Organization: WHO was "not involved" in bid

Taipei Times editorial: WHA’s invitation is sweet poison

Mixed reactions in Washington to WHA observer status

Democratic Progressive Party skeptical about WHA invitation

March 2009

Former Vice Premier Wu Rong-i: Relying on China is a dangerous road to take

Taiwanese mark Twentieth anniversary of Cheng Nan-jung's death

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Number of unemployed may hit 1.3 million

Da-an by-election: Analysts say KMT was taught lesson

US senators call on Obama to voice support for TRA

Richard Halloran: US Pentagon report shows shift in policy toward PRC

Pillsbury and others call for more robust defense

Political commentators Outcry over Kuo will last

Taipei Times editorial Ethnic equality: Ma's tough sell

Foreign Minister Ou likely to miss talks on WHA

US Pentagon warns on conceding to China

Chen Shui-bian faces witnesses on first day of trial

DPP lawmakers criticize MOJ over White Terror Papers

Cao Changqing: KMT's system breeds discrimination against Taiwanese

Taipei Times editorial: Help healing with an apology

Chen Shui-bian calls case a KMT political vendetta

US Congress rallies in support of Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Faleomavaega: no friend of Taiwan

US military experts push the need for arms sales

Taipei Times editorial: Forget the PR, just explain

Liberty Times editorial: Ma’s hallmark is a lack of courage

TVBS and Global Views polls give Ma Ing-jeou dismal ratings

Ma Ying-jeou's approval rate below 30%

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen pans Ma as unqualified to be leader

Taiwanese expats in Toronto turn up heat on Kuo

US Congress resolution on Taiwan Relations Act weakened

J. Michael Cole: The myth: a professional military in five years

Taipei Times editorial: Mild words, grave issue

White Terror documents cause uproar

Chen Shui-bian attends final pre-trial hearing

Yu Tsung-chi: China can use strategic reassurance

Taipei Times editorial: A ‘human right’ rehash

Former Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang: Pray for Tibet, struggle for Taiwan

Stephen Yates: The TRA doesn’t reflect reality

Taipei Times editorial: A new role for the PLA Navy?

Sushil Seth: Why hurry for Chinese integration?

Richard Halloran: US-Chinese contacts are imperative for military

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT’s Miaoli lesson

Liberty Times editorial: Data law is a terrifying prospect

Lin Cho-Shui: Fear-based negotiation is of no use to Taiwan

Friends of Tibet march in Taipei

Rohrabacher to leave Taiwan Caucus position

Government Information Office (GIO) responds to Freedom House

Forum and protest: Ma ‘naive’ on PRC Anti-Secession Law

Taipei Times editorial: The missing link in unification

Simon Tisdall: Sailor standoff a cold shower for US-China ties

Chinese FM Yang Jiechi promises to ‘never waver’ on independence

Ma Ying-jeou: Taipei, Beijing to discuss WHA

Chen Shui-bian's office: Prosecutor videos unclear

J. Michael Cole: Not a time for a nation of sheep

Juju Wang: Preserving Taiwan's history is everyone’s concern

Admiral Dennis Blair: Taiwan "driving" Chinese military goals

Paul Lin: Important lessons from Hong Kong

Taipei Times editorial: Tibet: An unkillable yearning for freedom

Richard Halloran: Looking for clues in the past to PRC ambitions

Taipei Times editorial: Wen Jiabao's speech; Niceties aside, a threat is still a threat

Liu Shih-chung: Less basking and more negotiating

Taipei Times editorial: More tricks in the legal circus against Chen

Prof. Bob Sutter urges US to rethink policy

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao: China ready to talk peace

Professor Peter Chow: ECFA poses three likely outcomes for Taiwan

Charles Snyder: Watching and waiting for Hillary

Remembering the 228 Indicent: Hundreds join 228 sit-in rally

Former DPP Chairman Lin Yi-hsiung: Remembering 228: renaming Democracy hall an insult

January 2009

Nadia Tsao: US urged to review Taiwan policy

New Zealand DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlement

Raytheon welcomes PAC-III upgrade deal

Former president Lee Teng-hui warns of over-reliance on China

Taipei Times editorial: How Obama matters to Taiwan

US-based experts add names to Open Letter to Ma

Interview with Prof. Chen Shih-meng: Ma’s election much more than a rotation of power

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will back Taiwan's bid for more international space

Taipei Times editorial: Back to ground zero once again

Huang Jei-hsuan: Unmasking the ‘horse’

Michael Hsiao, Academia Sinica: Democracy doesn’t end after the elections

Taiwan ThinkTank forum: Economy key to US ties

Former VP Annette Lu lashes out at Ma's policy, KMT defensive

International scholars and writers: Open letter to president Ma regarding erosion of justice

Taipei Times editorial: Questions linger after Chen circus

President Chen on trial: protests innocence; prosecutors add charges

Sushil Seth: Taiwan can still avoid China’s trap

Ma Ying-jeou promises to safeguard democracy

Taipei Times editorial: A wake-up call on Chinese espionage

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: The freedom gap across the Strait is wide as ever

J. Michael Cole: Only fools wouldn’t see a developing pattern

Cao Changqing: President’s ‘one China’ policy is illogical

Taipei Times editorial: Making a mockery of justice

Prof. Emerson Chang: Hu determined to break ‘two noes’

Paul Lin: Ma’s spending won’t stop the rot

Interview with Freedom House delegation: safeguarding democracy

Freedom House: 2009 crucial year for Taiwan

Freedom House' Sarah Cook: Crises give democracies the edge

Prof. Lin Cheng-yi: Hu and Ma must hear voice of the Taiwanese

Taipei Times editorial: Any slower and we’d grind to a halt

Taiwan academics: Ma ignoring risks of overreliance on China

DPP and TSU to co-sponsor Civic National Affair Conference

Huang Kuo-chang: Steel doors closing on Taiwan’s democracy

J. Michael Cole: Airport "glitch" poses security risk

US Congressional bill calls for diplomatic ties with Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Is the US just a little too optimistic?

Gerrit van der Wees: Closer ties bring significant risks

Stephen Hadley tells Taiwan and PRC Let the ‘status quo’ alone

Paul Lin: Hu’s speech just more of the same

Taipei Times editorial: Good intentions and empty words

Former Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang: Judicial double standards a concern

Justice Minister Wang Ching-feng responds to international scholars and writers

High Court turns down appeal against Chen’s detention

Taipei Times editorial: KMT, leave the judiciary alone

US Pentagon wary of PRC-Taiwan ties

Stephen Nelson: Falling into China’s orbit?

Nat Bellocchi: Responding as one to Beijing’s soft talks

Taipei Times editorial: China’s ‘missile reduction’ is fantasy

Parris H. Chang: China: Rising and responsible?

Tung Chen-yuan: Hu Jintao’s six points: proceed with care

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan won’t bite at Hu’s bait

Liberty Times editorial: Cross-Strait policy helps nothing

Tung Chen-yuan: Ma's China policy comes at high cost

Taiwan academics call for a new Taiwan Constitution

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: The ins-and-outs of KMT-CCP forum

Citizens Congress Watch: New LY system yields same old "black" legislature

Media Watch: KMT Government using media as a tool

Taipei Times editorial: Legal farce warrants ICJ intervention

Chen Po-chih: Ma’s policy approach: all ups and no downs

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen sets course for year 2009 for DPP

Taipei Bar association defends Chen Shui-bian's lawyer

Taipei Times editorial: A survey ignored and denied

Prof. Jerome Keating: The reality of a one-trick president

Lin Feng-cheng: The crucial meeting of judges that never was

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen cautions against direct links

Protesters slam interference in media affairs

Taipei Times ditorial: Amateur-hour justice follies

Democratic Progressive Party rejects Hu Jintao's 'olive branch'

Li Thian-hok: Biding time and sharpening claws

Ben Goren: Mapping a grim future

Taipei Times editorial: US beef as an ECFA litmus test

Soong Hseik-wen: Election results; Globalization and political strategy

SEF's Chiang Ping-kun says he is ‘rubber stamp’

Liberty Times editorial: Don’t place hope in PRC investment

Emerson Chang: The honeymoon with China is over

James Wang: Hu Jintao: a perfect peace prize candidate

Taipei Times editorial: General Cao Cao would be much amused

Analysis: Breakdown in cross-strait talks highlights problems

Mainland Affairs Council: Cross-strait pacts won’t need legislative approval

Control Yuan: International participation should be part of cross-strait talks

Prof. Lin Cheng-yi: What if the PRC moves some of its missiles?

ARATS Chief Chen Yunlin leaves to mix of cheers and jeers

Prosecutors indict 22 in former first family case

Prof. Richard Kagan: GIO's response misses the point

AI-Taiwan Chair Peter Huang: Human rights are more than words

Center for New American Security urges US to strengthen Taiwan relations

Taipei Times editorial: Ma’s enduring ECFA delusion

Former AIT Chair Nat Bellocchi: US should stop fooling around and back Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: People don’t buy Ma’s China policies

Liu Shih-chung: The political landscape has shifted

Liberty Times editorial: Ma still ignoring public opinion

DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen: DPP needs to build on trust of people

Taiwan's international participation: "Detente" in disarray after Chinese snub

James Wang: Ma’s search for ready scapegoats continues

Taipei Times editorial: Justice and the sleazy coalition

Ministry of Justice proposal sparks concern among lawyers

Commonwealth poll: Taiwanese wary of dependence on PRC

Taipei Times editorial: Ma remains oblivious to the public

Prof. Hawang Shiow-duan: Ma stepping away from ‘grassroots’ politicking

Ma Ying-jeou: Taiwan must sign ECFA to avoid falling behind

Ma Ying-jeou's aides: President "misquoted" on unification timeline

J. Michael Cole: US arms package could be an expensive illusion

Gerrit van der Wees: 1979 Kaohsiung Incident a good reminder

Taipei Times editorial: Tsai Ing-wen soars, but image needs a tweak

LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng: Interaction with other nations aids rights

History: The Kaohsiung Incident of 1979 remembered

2009 elections: The DPP must forge ahead

James Wang: Ma silent on crucial issue of sovereignty

Taipei Times: KMT’s lackluster performance seen as warning to Ma

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: What was said and what should have been said

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan-Japan relations: Ma government's lies, obfuscation and hypocrisy

October 2009

Prof. Jerome Keating: KMT assets lend Ma a brand new nickname

Sushil Seth: US-China relations remain crucial

Lu I-ming: Lack of confidence hurts policies

Taipei Times editorial: The ‘former bitter rivals’ fantasy

Nathan Novak: CCP won’t accept DPP comeback

Liu Shih-chung at Brookings: A Hu meeting deserves attention

AFP report: Concerns grow over press freedom, self-censorship

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT prepares to eat itself

Pro-unification forum: Ma slow on unification

Emerson Chang: Obama, Ma leave Taiwan flatfooted

Ma government defends Rebiya Kadeer visa rejection

Reporters without Borders: Taiwan slides 23 places in global press freedom index

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen promises that DPP will build a better country

Taipei Times editorial: Little to show for a lot of hype

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: President Ma unfit to lead KMT

US Congress to hear resolution on Taiwan's freedom, security and stability

Prof. Wu Ching-chin: The appeal system for detention is not fair

Taipei Times analysis: Cleaning up the KMT’s illicit assets is no easy task

Council of Grand Justices deny that switching of judges was unconstitutional

Mayor Chen Chu opens Kaohsiung Film Festival

Paul Lin: balancing US and PRC comfort zones

MAC Chairwoman Lai turns on China over tourism

US Foreign Policy magazine: Beijing propping up President Ma

CSIS Pacific Forum Hands off policy best for US

Prime Minister Wu: Taiwan’s interests come first

KMT government keeps mum after alleged missile test

Taiwan forum participants call for legal reforms

Taipei Times editorial: More pandering to China

Taipei Times editorial: Punishing the ‘bad’ Taiwanese

Lin Cho-shui: Taiwan is becoming a running dog

Lin Cheng-Yi: US position on Taiwan defense is shifting

Taiwan civic groups denounce indictment of Wild Strawberries organizer

Taipei Times editorial: Local factions: they win, or Ma loses

Prominent scholars question president’s national identity after low-key Double Ten Day

Dan Luthi: To be Taiwan, or not to be

Taipei Times editorial: .... and justice for none

The DPP: needs a leader to overcome party splits

Taipei Times editorial: A head of state, but no leader

Sushil Seth: China’s rise has dangers all around

Taiwan High Court: hears Chen Shui-bian detention case

Taipei Times editorial: Can’t we use ‘Taiwan’ in Taiwan?

Prof. Jerome Keating: A wake-up call for the Aborigines

Liberty Times editorial: Taiwan is not the ROC or the PRC

Prof. Huang Juei-min: Is there any good reason not to let Rebiya adeer in?

Chen Chao-chien: Analysis of results of local by-elections in Yunlin

DPP legislator Kuan Bi-ling pans government over "terrorist" label for Uygurs

August 2009

NSC official admits communicating with MOFA prior to cable

Dalai Lama receives visa from Taiwan

Senator Ted Kennedy, always a loyal friend to Taiwan

Dalai Lama invited to Southern Taiwan to comfort victims

James Wang: Disasters tell us who our friends really are

J. Michael Cole: Morakot’s first scalp was a true scapegoat

Taipei Times editorial: Ma has China in mind, not Taiwan

Prof. Jerome Keating: Morakot has revealed the true Ma

Ma Ying-jeou and Premier Liu's approval ratings plummet in Morakot’s wake

Defense minister and Cabinet Sec.General offer to resign

Morakot aftermath: President will not quit over storm

Morakot aftermath: MOFA's Deputy Minister Shia tenders resignation

Taipei Times editorial: Ma criticized at home and abroad

Liu Shih-chung: Ma revives bureaucratic inefficiency

CNN Poll: shows 80 percent want president to resign

Richard Halloran: The shifting Asian power scheme and the US’ role

Taipei Times editorial: Snapping Ma out of complacency

The aftermath of Morakot: Emergency aid pours in from abroad

Liberty Times editorial: Government fails Morakot victims

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan doesn’t ‘want’ puff pieces

Paul Lin: A disaster that could have been less painful

Taipei Times editorial: The price of incompetent leadership

Li Thian-hok: Risks of Obama giving in to China

Typhoon Morakot aftermath: Patience running out in clean-up effort

Taipei Times editorial: A muted response to real disaster

J. Michael Cole: How can Ma appease the military?

Prof. Peter Chow: An ECFA could blind us all to the big picture

Taipei Times editorial: A president far from his people

Liberty Times editorial: Ma's "diplomatic truce" is poison

J. Michael Cole: What’s behind Taiwan media bias?

President Chen Shui-bian sues three judges for abuse of power

Alexander Huang: Dialogue is not a zero-sum game

Tien C. Cheng: Are Taiwanese fooled?

AEI / Project 2049 report: Stronger military needed

Prof. Lin Cheng-yi: A tall tale of two ideological camps

Michael Danielsen: Is democracy in Taiwan dying?

Kay Lam: What Taiwan can learn from Hong Kong

Chiang Huang-chih: Inaction on Xinjiang is a concern for Taiwan

Liberty Times editorial: Beware Ma’s KMT chairmanship

June 2009

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Public wants ECFA referendum

Prof. Chiou Jiunn-rong: Relying on China is muddled economics

Chinese official: US talks "disappointing"

Academics say new act infringes on their freedom

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen laments authoritarian mentality of the judiciary

DPP calls for release of former president Chen Shui-bian

Taipei Times: Assurances on assurances

James Wang: US ‘experts’ on China have got it all wrong

J. Michael Cole Beijing making itself indispensable

Taipei Times: City and county redistricting draws mixed reactions

The US and China to discuss Taiwanese arms

Taipei Times editorial: Bad rap on rights is Ma’s making

The US and China to discuss Taiwanese arms

Taipei Times editorial: Bad rap on rights is Ma’s making

International Federation of Journalists asks China Times to commit to press freedom

Congressman Robert Andrews to seek White House help for TFD

National Endowment for Democracy pressures Ma on TFD reshuffle

Gerrit van der Wees: Book review on Nancy Tucker's "Strait Talk"

Taipei Times report: China envoy Wang Yi to visit Washington

Prof. Chang Wen-cheng: A serious blow to the basic right of protest

Ma Ying-jeou aide: Future is up to the people

Democratic Progressive Party accuses Ma of reshuffling TFD to please China

KMT official defends TFD Foundation reshuffle

Lin Cho-shui: Ma’s choice: separated powers or a parliament

Prof. Chen Ping-hung: When newsmakers sell their souls

Taipei Times editorial: Defending Chinese takes character

Prof. Jerome Cohen criticizes legal profession’s silence

KMT-CCP raprochement: Pressure builds for Ma-Hu meeting

"Wild Strawberries" slam indictment of NTU professor

Taipei Times: William Stanton "out of running" as AIT chief

Taipei Times editorial: Tienanmen: Democracy in whose words?

Taipei Times editorial: Something sinister on the horizon

Richard Halloran: ‘QDR’: How to prepare for war, not provoke it

April 2009

Taipei Times editorial: Extradition agreement with China: the devil in the detail

World Health Organization invites "Chinese Taipei" to the WHA

John Tkacik: An Obama Taiwan Policy Review: Too little, too late?

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Agreement on WHA sets risky precedent

Congressional Research Service study urges review of US-Taiwan ties

Kurt Campbell nominated for assistant secretary of state

William Lowther: US may launch Taiwan Policy Review

CSIS forum: Friendship with Taiwan remains strong

Taipei Times editorial: So much for legislative supervision

Prof. Chiang Huang-chih: Options to participate at WHA are problematic

DPP legislators: MAC poll on ECFA unreliable

Prof. Chen Yi-shen: Taiwan’s status has yet to be determined

Prof. Woody Cheng: Corruption stains the KMT’s history

Taiwan Thinktank: Taiwan-US relations heading toward crisis

Congressional Report tackles Taiwan

Ma government finalizes details for X-Strait talks

Kris Liao in SF: The real heroes of Taiwan's democracy

AIT Chair Ray Burghardt rebuts envoy's quote claim

Lai I-chung: US appears fearful of Taiwan's democracy

Nat Bellocchi: Changes in China, Taiwan, US ties

Hsu Chien-jung: "Tears of gratitude" for Chiang Ching-kuo

SEF Chair Chiang Ping-kun regretful over son's PRC ties

Taipei Times editorial: A participant, not a begger

Lin Cho-shui: Deal on FHA would hurt Taiwan

Lee Teng-hui and James Soong attend CCK commemoration; deep chill

FAPA responds to Faleomavaega: We support the TRA

William Lowther in the Taipei Times: US campaigning to get Taiwan WHA seat

Taiwan Thinktank: Media freedom weakening

Winston Lord in Taipei: Taiwan Strait needs farsighted leaders

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Ma changes 'status quo,' undermines TRA, ties with US

Taiwanese in US raise concerns over human rights

Taipei Times editorial: An unwanted parallel in Hong Kong

Chiang Huang-chih: WHO status is not worth sacrificing our security

Peter Huang - AI-Taiwan: A breakthrough in human rights

Taipei Times editorial: Can Taiwan survive historical forces?

Michael Turton: Faleomavaega’s fuzzy history

Yeh Hung-ling Ankang files should be archived

Taiwan remembers democracy pioneer Deng Nan-jung

Michael Turton and Dan Bloom: Taiwan’s constructed past

Taipei Times editorial: No eyes on the Ankeng Guesthouse

Gerrit van der Wees: The rational approach to ties is dual recognition

Taiwan legislature ratifies UN rights treaties

February 2009

Taipei Times editorial: 228, Vigilance still has a role to play

Former Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang: Goodwill over 228 dissipated so quickly

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou’s 228 balancing act

Academia Sinica: New 228 Incident papers released

US State Department cites continued rights abuses in Taiwan

Liberty Times editorial: CECA a threat to Taiwan’s freedom

LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng opposes CECA without a legislative review

Taipei Times editorial: A CECA needs thorough debate

Taipei Times editorial: CECA: Ma ignores the fears of millions

Taipei Times editorial: Another missed opportunity for Ma

Prof. Chen Chun-kai: Taiwan is in need of a cultural clean break

DPP and TSU warn Ma over impeachment

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Economy won't improve without reshuffle

National Affairs Conference seeks saner economic plan

Taipei Times editorial: The danger in national abnormality

Taipei Times: Exclusive interview with President Ma Ying-jeou

University professors: Comprehensive agreement with China is a unification trade trap

Paul Lin: Eliminate conflicts of interest in China talks

Taipei Times editorial: A slap in the face of history

University Professors to mark 228 with silent sit-in

Cao Changqing: The KMT is a master at silencing dissidents

Congresswoman Shelley Berkeley: backs TRAS commitments

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton US policy on arms sales unchanged

Taipei Times editorial: Ma’s 'truce' is working -- for Beijing

Freedom House: Taiwan's democratic test continues

J. Michael Cole: China’s parade to end all parades

Lu Shih-hsiang: KMT and CCP make ominous bedfellows

Ralph Jennings / Reuters: China increases missiles pointed at Taiwan to 1,500

Sushil Seth: China uneasy with new US regime

Richard Halloran: Security issues high on Clinton’s Asia agenda

DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen urges government to seek consensus on CECA

Taipei Times editorial: What's the beef with US visas?

Liberty Times editorial: Riding on PRC’s failing fortunes

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