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Major Recent Events and Issues:

March 2005: China's "anti-secession law"

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials

November 2008

December 2008

Taipei Times editorial: Toward Taiwan's tipping point

Liberal International's Graham Watson: waiting to see results

Shen Chieh: Dependency and risk in cross-strait trade ties

Presbyterian Church and civic organizations: More pro-Chen rallies planned

Lai I-chung: Austrian Anschluss has lessons for Taiwan

Former Deputy Science Minister Shieh Ching-jyh criticizes tactics used by prosecutors

Taipei Times editorial: A slippery slope for all involved

Ministry of Justice wants ethics probe for Chen Shui-bian's lawyer

Justice Minister Wang Ching-feng: Open letter of scholars and writers inaccurate

Prof. Liu Ching-yi: Ma looks ahead by looking backwards

Chin Heng-wei: Using the judiciary as a political tool

Control Yuan to investigate security abuses

Prof. Hsu Tze-tien: Prosecutors, police flout the law on handcuffs

"Wild Strawberries" stage ‘memorial service’ for human rights

International Federation IFDH: concerned about police response to protests

Taipei Times: DPP chairperson joins human rights rallies

Paul Lin: More groups must join "Ing" as she faces "Ying"

Prof. Yen Lu-fen: Musicians unite for Strawberries

DPP legislators say US uninformed about Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT’s fate is suicide

Freedom House calls for investigation

Taiwan protesters sue police in anti-PRC demonstration

Taiwanese-Americans express 'grave concern' to Ma

J. Michael Cole: Peace in the Strait? ORBAT says no

Allen Houng: The dire straits of Taiwanese democracy

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou as musical instrument

Liu Shih-chung: Strategies for a cross-strait truce

Prof. Lin Chien-cheng: A lesson in rights for this ‘stupid president’

Michael Stainton: Taiwan back on the watchlist

Chen Shui-bian returns to Tucheng detention center

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen urged to join DPP rally for Chen and Taiwan

Huang Chi-yao: Impartial probe of violence needed

Paul Lin: Taiwanese should stop fighting among themselves

Lin Feng-cheng: Pre-trial detention should be curtailed

Taipei Times editorial: A crash course on image control

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan's judiciary on life support

Yunlin County Magistrate Su Chih-fen: indicted on two accounts

Richard Halloran: Surely Obama’s new team won’t be Clinton redux?

Students speak out: A movement away from the political orthodoxy

Taipei Times editorial: Speak now or forever be silent

Sushil Seth: Who is calling the shots in Taiwan?

Chen Shui-bian fasts in detention protest

Su Chih-fen hospitalized and Chen Ming-wen starts hunger strike

Taipei Times editorial: Chen’s arrest opens Pandora’s box

Chen Shui-bian behind bars

US and Dutch officials to take closer look at Taiwan’s judiciary

Richard Halloran: Asia of many minds on Obama win

Yu Tsung-chi: Taking national defense seriously; a commentary on William Murray

Former president Chen Shui-bian chained

Letters to the editor: Surrendering Taiwan's sovereignty & Ma, KMT to blame for unrest

Lin Huan-yi: Student sit-in: A lesson in preserving democracy

Prof. Jerome Keating: Taiwan's president, the "little man"

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: calls for talks with President Ma

Taipei Times editorial: Avoid appearance of judical bias

Yunlin County commissioner Su Chih-fen’s health worsens

New student sit-ins pop up across nation

Li Thian-hok: Ma is handing Taiwan to China

Students in Taiwan reconvene, protest continues

Eighteen Taiwanese-American organizations decry ‘dark moment’ in Taiwan's democracy

Taipei Times editorial: Obama, his aides and Taiwan’s future

Yunlin County Magistrate Su Chih-fen remains on hunger strike

Taipei Times: Violence ends, finger-pointing begins

Taipei Times: Tensions mount in the capital

Hsu Szu-chien: Ma must talk straight to the Taiwanese

Ben Goren: An open letter to President Ma

Taipei Times editorial: The trampling of Taiwan’s rights

DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen: Taiwan must stand up for itself

International scholars and writers: Open letter on erosion of justice in Taiwan

Democratic Progressive Party strongly criticizes excessive police force

Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng to China: Dismantle missiles and give Taiwan international space

Liberty Times editorial: One nation loses in talks: Taiwan

ARATS' Chen Yunlin and SEF's Chiang Pin-kung sign four agreements

Taipei Times editorial: Fear and loathing in Taipei

Anti Chen Yunlin protesters say police measures recall the martial law era

ARATS head Chen Yunlin to arrive today for talks

Formosan Association for Public Affairs slams opposition arrests

Lai I-chung: A three-pronged confidence crisis

Protesters heckle Ma ahead of meeting with ARATS head

Prof. Tsai Ting-kuei on hunger strike to change Referendum Law

Taipei Times editorial: The beginning of civil disobedience

Tainan City Councilor Wang Ting-yu to file suit against ARATS head for threats

Chinese dissident Yuan Hongbing Beijing chose Lien Chan as envoy

September 2008

Huang Jei-hsuan from LA: Ma Ying-jeou: a man called horse

Taipei Times editorial: KMT to blame for arms sale snafu

J. Michael Cole: Beijing’s ‘North Korea’ card no ace

White House opposes Congressional bill to end arms freeze

Nat Bellocchi: Uncertain times for Taiwan, the US and the PRC

Paul Lin: The bitter aftertaste of the Chinese food scandal

US Administration reiterates support for WHA role

Taipei Times editorial: The Hong Kong model is not for us

Taiwan supporters on Capitol Hill slam freeze on arms sales to Taiwan

Lu Shih-Hsiang: A chapter in Taiwan's history we should not let fade

Republican advisor Michael Green: McCain supports WHA bid

Kris Liao in San Francisco: The KMT's sovereignty disorder

Liberty Times editorial: Ma selling out the country step by step

Shiue Yih-Chearng: Visions crumble, pessimism rules

Prof. Peng Ming-min tells details of escape from KMT

Charles Snyder: Financial crisis could speed up US arms sales

Foreign Ministry hails UN support from US and EU

Swiss court says Taiwan can sue ISO

W. Andy Knight: Taiwan deserves a seat at the UN table

Taipei Times editorial: Tsai Ing-wen’s time to shine

US Government Accountability Office berates US government for visa waiver snub

Huang Jei-hsuan in LA: Ma Ying-jeou, the de-Taiwanifier

Former legislator Lee Wen-chung: Our biggest threat is our own Mr Teflon

Former MAC vice chairwoman Yeh Chin-Fong: President Ma is confused as ever on PRC relationship

Shih Cheng-feng: Sovereign status: Ma is throwing it all away

Ben Goren: Ma's obscured unification

Taipei Times: AIT denies tougher guidelines

Taipei Times editorial: Ma's policies: When 'sorry' is not 'sorry'

Lai I-chung: ‘Non-state to state’ risks ‘status quo’

New DPP poll: Majority dissatisfied with Ma's performance

DPP Chair Tsai: US shortsighted on PRC policy

Lin Chia: Promises on the economy fooling us; Ma fooling himself

DPP slams Ma over "Taiwan region" comment

Bruce Jacobs: President Ma must reform the KMT

Taipei Times editorial: Ma is giving it all away

Liberty Times editorial: Ma should not depend upon 2016

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan’s Ministry of Surrender

Gerrit van der Wees: Ma’s non-bid for the UN is anything but meaningful

Ma Ying-jeou: "State-to-state" theory is dead

Lin Cho-shui: A difficult start for Ma Ying-jeou

Sushil Seth: Beijing ambitions stir uncertainty

Taipei Times editorial: Global media and newswires don’t get Taiwan

July 2008

Lai I-chung: Ma's policies risk total isolation

Taipei Times editorial: Beijing is simply biding its time

Rupert Hammond- Chambers: upbeat on arms sales

Taipei Times editorial: If only Paul Wolfowitz is right

Paul Lin: Wake up, our sovereignty is at stake

Taiwan's Olympic title fuels controversy

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen speaks out at DPP convention

Nat Bellocchi: Rethinking the moves to be closer to Beijing

US State Department cagey on arms freeze

Edward Chen Door on arms sales not closed yet

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Talks with China must not damage sovereignty

Taipei Times: US refuses to concede arms sale freeze

Taipei Times editorial: Rare, wise words from Annette Lu

US Admiral Timothy Keating confirms arms sales freeze

Randy Schriver: Arms freeze has consequences

Li Thian-hok: Consider life under communism

Jerome Keating: Ma appears as no more than a ‘one trick pony’

Taipei Times editorial: Cabinet needs to learn team work

Taiwan to shift gear for UN membership bids

Ma Ying-jeou: Arms procurement unchanged

Taipei Times editorial: No, the economy isn’t sound

Tsai Ing-wen: China policy may bring questions

Jerome Keating: Ma’s flimflam appeals to the sheep

Ex-defense analyst Bergersen gets 57 months in jail

Taipei Times editorial: Will the president yield to the cronies?

Taipei Times editorial: Upset? It’s all a ‘misunderstanding’

US Senators concerned by arms freeze

Gerrit van der Wees: Ma must build position of strength for Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Keep the president in President Ma

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: urges KMT to end internal disputes

Liu Shih-chung: Ma needs to face up to the nation

Lin Cho-shui: KMT must save itself from its legislators

Taipei Times editorial: Hello tourists, goodbye pipedreams

Liberty Times editorial: Brushing national security aside

Cao Changqing: Never underestimate propaganda

Taipei Times editorial: Has Ma been hypnotized on defense?

China Times report: Taiwan in range of Chinese surface-to-air missiles

J. Michael Cole: The oldest political trick in the books

Chen Kuo-Hsiung: This is not the time for complacency on defense

Rick Chang: Taiwan within range of Chinese surface-to-air missiles

Charles Snyder: Sources reinforce US role in arms sales

Lin Shih-Chia: Health maneuvers hurting Taiwan

Former legislator Lin Cho-Shui: Wang Jin-pyng’s unusual move

May 2008

Taipei Times editorial: A legislature that needs a lecture

Taipei Times editorial: Ma’s great cross-strait giveaway

US admiral Keating: KMT overly optimistic on cross-strait ties

The DPP condemns KMT Chairman Wu Po-hsiung's comments in China

Taipei Times editorial: How quickly the world forgets Tibet

Taipei Times editorial: Chen and the uncivil civil servants

Sushil Seth: The scary scenario of subversion

J. Michael Cole: Why are we sending aide to China?

Cao Changqing: History will vindicate the Chen presidency

Taipei Times editorial: Ma fails the first test of grace

New DPP chief bothered by what Ma did not say

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou: crossroads president

Taipei activists rally for independence as Ma takes office

DPP says: Ma’s appeal to Beijing is naive

Taiwan's WHO application thwarted for the 12th time

Taipei Times editorial: Goodbye, President Chen

Tsai Ing-wen ready to reform flagging DPP and win back support

Taipei Times editorial: Tsai faces a battle to reform the DPP

Tsai Ing-wen wins race for DPP chairmanship

Prof. W. Andy Knight: Taiwan should gain WHO status

United States criticizes Chinese missile buildup

Negroponte backing Taiwan's WHO bid

Liu Shih-chung: Now Ma must find a diplomatic strategem

Taipei Times editorial: Sichuan earthquake: Taiwan gives with an open heart

Charles Snyder: China spy suspect Kuo Tai-shen admits guilt

Taipei Times editorial: Su Chi: One old face we don't need to see

Prof. Bruce Jacobs: PNG scandal: spending money where it matters

Taipei Times editorial: If that’s how you treat a friend

Gerrit van der Wees: Could it be the economy, stupid?

Paul Lin: Learning from the Communists

Su Chi gets top job at NSC

Lai I-chung: The danger in choosing China over other states

World Taiwanese Congress 'concerned' over KMT victory

Foreign Minister Huang resigns over PNG scandal

US academics expect little change in Taiwan, US ties

Taipei Times editorial: Will Japan get in bed with China?

Taipei Times editorial: Cheap talk proves costly to economy

Richard Halloran: Two writers show extent of schism

Taipei Times editorial: The pitfalls of dollar diplomacy

Li Thian-hok: Can Ma keep Taiwanese freedom?

Lin Cho-shui: Making more concessions to China?

US lawmakers warn EU on lifting China arms ban

Paul Lin: Choosing Lai for MAC has blues seeing red

MAC chair-elect Lai Shin-yuan: says she supports Ma’s cross-strait policies

Lu I-ming: Sorting out who should talk to Hu

Taipei Times editorial: Et tu, my KMT colleagues?

Liu Shih-chung: Do not sideline foreign policy now

Lai Shin-yuan as new MAC chief: Voices for, against her appointment grow

March 2008

Taipei Times editorial: Ma faces many challenges

Bruce Jacobs in the Taipei Times: Some suggestions for Ma Ying-jeou

Taipei Times editorial: Out with the old, in with the older

Taipei Times: Decisive victory for Ma Ying-jeou

United States navy deploys two aircraft carriers close to Taiwan

Matthew Lien: Two rivers, two mayors and a very clear choice

Taipei Times editorial: It's use it or lose it on Saturday

Sushil Seth: Tibet riots a meter of Beijing's rot

Lee Long-hwa in NY: Beijing's not bringing cookies

Taipei Times editorial: Has Ma Ying-jeou seen the light?

Frank Hsieh: Taiwan could be a second Tibet

Taiwanese take to the streets in huge pre-election rallies

Gerrit van der Wees: Ma Ying-jeou on the wrong side of history

Samuel Yang: Colonialism in Taiwan

Andreas Foster: Choosing Taiwan's future

Taipei Times editorial: Economic growth may not be what is needed

Taiwan government condemns Chinese crackdown in Tibet

Ma Ying-jeou: Future of Taiwan should be decided by the Taiwanese people ...

Mainland Affairs Council slams 2005 communiques by Lien Chan and James Soong

Taipei Times editorial: Lawmakers behaving badly

Taipei Times editorial: Making 'referendum' a dirty word

Sushil Seth: China wants to manage US policy

US Congress write Bush over UN referendum

Mark Stokes: Taiwan must review security risks

Hsieh and Ma face off in last debate

Margot Chen: No time to dally over options for referendum

Taipei Times editorial: Missed opportunities for Ma, voters

US House of Representatives: gives Taiwan full backing

Central Election Commission open to separating poll, plebiscite

Taipei Times editorial: KMT caucus has tricks new and old

Huang Jei-hsuan in California: Green cards and sovereignty

Frank Hsieh: warns against one-party dominance

DOD report: Taiwan keeping up on defense

Prof. Edward Chen: First debate earns mixed review

Prof. Hwan C.Lin: Taiwan's economy is not bad off

Taipei Times editorial: What Taiwan can offer China

Lai I-chung: Report on US-Taiwan breaks new ground

January 2008

Admiral Timothy Keating: PRC's arms are aggressive

Huang Jei-hsuan: Presidential elections: doom or opportunity?

Gerrit van der Wees: Legislative elections: should Taiwan go Dutch?

Nat Bellocchi: Frank Hsieh has precious little time left

Michelle Wang: Democracy needs a helping hand

Ben Goren: Ma Ying-jeou's promise of peace

Michael Turton: Common sense on the polls

Taipei Times editorial: Is it the KMT versus the Constitution?

Kuomintang mulls plebiscite law change

Tseng Wei-chen: Why would Taiwan try to emulate Singapore?

Taipei Times editorial: China doesn't need missiles

Prof. Bruce Jacobs: Open letter to Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying-jeou regarding UN referendum

Sushil Seth: Does the US have a coherent China policy?

Frank Hsieh proposes a third UN referendum

Kurt Campbell: The US and Taiwan: Common yet different democracies

Kuo Chang-feng: It's time to change the system of government

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT under close watch

Jerome Keating: In search for a better voting system

Li Ming-juinn: The DPP must push for reform in the legislature

Hans Stockton: New system favors KMT

Taipei Times editorial: Mr Ma Ying-jeou's 'peace for our time'

Taipei Times editorial: Voting democracy away

Cao Changqing: DPP loss part of democratic process

Taipei Times editorial: Chinese predators and local ennui

Taipei Times editorial: Whither the DPP?

Taipei Times editorial: Expose the mythmaking, Mr. Hsieh

Wu Yu-shan: A new system amplifies old faults

President Chen says: "Four noes" pledge ends with him

Prof. J. Bruce Jacobs: Can the DPP overcome a drubbing?

DPP loses; KMT wins two-thirds majority

Taipei Times editorial: Seventy days to turn things around

Lee Long-hwa from NY: Voting for Taiwan's demise

Taipei Times editorial: A new legislature and old tricks

Legislative elections: Parties issue final appeal for support

Taipei Times editorial: KMT rejecting the tools of democracy

Paul Lin: politicians may need to step back to move forward

Lu Shih-hsiang: "Media slaves" bow to their masters

President Chen stumps for legislators in Tainan

Prosecutors to appeal Ma Ying-jeou verdict

Hanna Shen from Poland: Referendum is an instrument of democracy

Foreign Minister James Huang reiterates China threat

Gaines C. Ho: US wrong on referendum

Gerrit van der Wees: What's really bothering Beijing?

Liu Kuan-teh: Legislative poll results important for Hsieh

DPP fearful of low election turnout

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Referendums are key to democracy

Chen Yi-shen: Transitional justice is not just electioneering

DPP and KMT Party heavyweights hit the campaign trail

LY elections: DPP eyes independent voters, seeks 50 seats

Richard Halloran: Asian leaders facing difficult tests

Tom Lantos leaving: Taiwan to lose third powerful ally in Congress

Chong-Pin Lin: What an Obama presidency means

President Chen's New Year's message: Chinese missile threat growing

National Democracy Hall reopens

Liberty Times editorial: Beijing is controlling our destiny

"Special Investigation Panel" puts former president Lee Teng-hui under investigation

Huang Kuo-chang: The clock is ticking on Ma’s loose promises

Celia Llopis-jepsen: "Mutual non-denial" helps Beijing alone

Lin Cho-shui: The death of de facto sovereignty

Paul Lin: A curious Chinese definition of "partner"

US lawmakers urge Bush not to forget Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Stepping into the spies’ den

Prof. Feng Chien-san: New rules could stifle public TV’s mandate

Richard Halloran: The key reasons why talks with N Korea failed

Civic organizations lend support to Public Television station

DPP LY Caucus: KMT cannot be a substitute for government

Liberty Times editorial: Blink and Taiwan will be sold out

J. Michael Cole: Beijing’s bid to ‘internalize’ Taiwan

Ma Ying-jeou repeats "region-to-region" comment

Wu Shu-jen's nurse: Disbelieving charges against former President

Cao Changqing: The probe against Chen Shui-bian warrants probing

Paul Lin: Questions on why the police came to my home

Taiwan Society to awaken public’s sense of Taiwanese ‘crisis’

Taipei Times editorial: Judicial farce? Take your pick

Chen Tsung-yi accuses KMT and police of intimidation

Admiral Keating pleased with progress in China relations

Taipei Times editorial: Hollow promises of media freedom

Reporters without Borders still concerned about KMT media interference

Former UN Human Rights Commission chairman Nisuke Ando: Taiwan must fight to keep democracy

Liberty Times editorial With Chen’s trial the judiciary is on trial

Former President Chen Shui-bian to stay free without bail

Hu Wen-huei: One-party rule eating into public institutions

Taipei Times editorial: Chiu Yi’s toupe and civil behavior

Ma’s law professor Jerome Cohen confident about judiciary

Taipei Times editorial: The pandas are Kings of the Hill

Richard Halloran : Kowtowing to Beijing would be ill-advised

Gerrit van der Wees: Ma must seek consensus to survive

Cao Changqing: It’s ‘rule of law,’ not ‘rule by law’

Former Canadian MP David Kilgour: Taiwan democracy under threat

Lin Cho-shui: Cross-strait air and sea pacts forfeit sovereignty

Taipei Times editorial: Picking off the Wild Strawberries

Paul Lin: If only our president were more like Sarkozy

President Chen Shui-bian and 13 others indicted by Investigation Panel

Civic groups rally in support of Public Television Service

Three women file suit against police for beatings during Chen Yunlin visit

Wild Strawberry students forced to vacate Liberty Square

Taipei Times editorial: Ma's ironic Human Rights Day

Prof. Herbert Hanreich: Taiwan needs to decide on rights

Taiwan Association for Human Rights slams Ma over rights abuses

All the president's men reject "police brutality"

Ko Shu-ling: Human rights advocates air concerns

Taiwan Society releases documentary on police brutality during Chen Yunlin visit

Taipei Times editorial: Ma's Dalai Lama move: setting a poor precedent

Wild Strawberry protest in Taipei stays peaceful

Chen Shui-bian's office to hold candlelight vigil

Sushil Seth: Obama faces China’s challenge

Former President Lee Teng-hui: visits "Wild Strawberries" to express support

Taipei Times editorial: Now we’re really being watched

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen criticizes Ma over remarks on Dalai Lama

Former VP Annette Lu put forward to join US inauguration

John Tkacik: On pricing Taiwan’s missile defense

Taiwan Bar Association urges judiciary to protect the rights of suspects

Taiwan academics debate Cross-Strait policy: "One Taiwan, Two Chinas"

Richard Bush tells Ma: Handle sovereignty with care

Minister of Justice Wang Ching-feng: Treatment of detainees will be improved

J. Michael Cole: Ma in a corner over the Dalai Lama

Taipei Times editorial: Will Ma crush the Strawberries?

Liu I-ming: New media is a potent instrument for change

Huang Jei-hsuan: The KMT’s old habits die hard

Taipei Times editorial: Wo Weihan: ‘spy’, father, victim

International scholars and writers respond to open letter by Justice Minister

Prof. Lin Chien-cheng: Secret deals cast a long shadow over judiciary

October 2008

Taipei Times editorial: Mr. Lien goes to Lima via Beijing

Lin Cho-Shui: KMT could learn from the rally

Chen Yi-Chung: Taiwanese need to bone up on their Thoreau

J. Michael Cole: Wanted: angrier Taiwanese youth

Taipei Times editorial: Listen when the people speak

Liberty Times editorial: Ma’s ‘no war’ mantra is capitulation

Taipei Times: Ralliers vent anger at Ma government

Former President Lee Teng-hui: pans Ma over belief in ‘1992 consensus’

Taipei Times editorial: The DPP’s chance in a million

DPP Democratic Progressive mass rally to ‘safeguard Taiwan’

Taipei Times editorial: Nothing new in Ma’s ‘new’ no

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: A march for a cause both natural and threatened

Michelle Wang: Lesson 1: Which one is our country?

Chinese dissident Chen Pokong: urges caution on cross-strait ties

Taipei Times editorial: Oct. 25 unity is sine qua non

Taiwan protesters give PRC official ‘special welcome’

Lin Cho-shui: Mr. Ma not in control of cross-strait relations

Taipei forum: Economic Partnership Agreement CEPA endangers Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Flags and the line in the sand

Taipei Times editorial: Free press: the fruit of our labors

Jerome Keating: The Cairo Declaration, 65 years on

Paul Lin: Our united front: how to keep the CCP at bay

Taipei Times editorial: The stink of clumsy policy

Lu I-Ming: Keeping politicians out of the media

Lin Cho-Shui: None so blind as they who won’t see

Taipei Times editorial: Washington's month of giving

Liberty Times editorial: Double Ten; Just another pep talk

Taipei Times editorial: Supervising cross-strait deals

CSIS Forum says Ma strategy toward China effective

Former NSC deputy minister Shieh Ching-jyh: accuse politicians and media of bias

DPP Chairperson: Ma's 10-10 speech "compilation of empty rethoric."

The DPP to organize a vigil and mass rally against government

Taipei Times editorial: ROC fiction replacing Taiwan reality

Wu Li-pei: The US must stand up for democracy

Democratic candidate Barack Obama also welcomes arms package

Shen Chieh: US arms package; Ma taking the credit when it is undeserved

Taipei Times editorial: Beijing’s new tune on arms sales

Liu Shih-Chung: Obama, McCain camps impact on Taiwan

William Stimson: Estonia: a Taiwanese KTV for independence

Taiwan supporters in Washington laud weapons sale

Taipei Times editorial: The end of the US arms sale freeze

State Department approves arms sales

Congressional Research Service: Warm Taiwan-PRC ties a US concern

International Security Advisory Board warns State Department on PRC aims

Gerrit van der Wees: The US must send China a clear signal

French judge dismisses Lafayette case

Sushil Seth: China’s pride will be US’ challenge

Prof. Hwang Shiow-Duan: Ma Ying-jeou is selling Taiwanese sovereignty for peanuts

Taiwan defense minister urges US weapons sales to Taiwan

August 2008

Taiwan demonstrators rally targeting Ma on 100th day in office

Nat Bellocchi: Is Taiwan prepared to engage the present?

Taipei Times editorial: Thank goodness for Chen Shui-bian

Charles Snyder: Draft Republican platform supports Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Beijing gives another slap in Ma Ying-jeou's face

Taiwan's MOFA unsurprised by Beijing reaction to UN participation bid

Taipei Times editorial: Moscow shows its double standards

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: An open letter to DPP supporters

Prof. Peng Ming-min: Struggling on in times of hardship

DPP opinion poll: Ma Ying-jeou's rating plunges to 36.9 percent

Taipei Times editorial: The hollow pride of Beijing

Prof. Jerome Keating: The PRC, Russia and double standards

Chen Shui-bian: KMT government engaged in political vendetta

Taipei Times editorial: Does the corruption stop here?

US Democratic Party: add text on Taiwan to party platform

Taipei Times editorial: Ma’s UN policy yields to China

Taiwan's GIO: Promotion of this year’s UN bid to change

Taipei Times editorial: A newer KMT method of torture

Cao Changqing: "One dream" China can't deliver

J. Michael Cole: The wider implications of Georgia

Taipei Times editorial: Taking a stand is a President's role

Paul Lin: The real terrorists are those in Beijing

Ma delegation in Dominican Republic referred to as "China, Taiwan"

Taipei Times editorial: Hey Ma, that little girl wasn’t singing

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Respect for the civil service system

Taiwan's foreign ministry: No bid for full UN membership

Jerome Keating: Taiwan, the UN, what’s in a name?

Taipei Times editorial: KMT speaks with a Beijing accent

Taipei Times editorial: No more "mutual" goodwill, please!

Former ambassador Joseph Wu: Successor will face similar challenge

Catherine Lin: How "Chinese, Taipei" came about

Ben Goren: "Chinese, Taipei"; what's in a name?

Taipei Times editorial: Turning back time on Taiwan's sovereignty

Paul Lin: What are Beijing's leaders so afraid of?

Richard Halloran: Beijing politicizing the Olympics

Taipei Times editorial: One strike against Obama's aides

Sushil Seth: The perils of Taiwan's supplicant government

Sprinster Chi Cheng urges boycott of Olympic Games' opening

George W. Bush puzzles press with comments on Taiwan-China ties

Taipei Times editorial: UN bid not even worth a name

NSC's Dennis Wilder denies arms "freeze"

J. Michael Cole: Hegemonism behind arms "freeze"

June 2008

Nat Bellocchi: Keeping the Taiwanese informed

Cao Changqing: Why is Ma emulating people like Hu Jintao?

Tsai Ing-wen outlines her plans to rebuild DPP

Opinion poll: Ma’s approval rating is less than half

John Tkacik: Clear signal needed on disputed Senkaku isles

PRC asks Japan to support "unification"

Yao Jen-to: Ma’s one-track cross-strait policy

MOFA: Bid to observe at WHA necessary

Chiang Pin-kung rebuts allegations of corruption

Paul Lin: Taiwan can't afford Chinese ‘gifts’

DPP hails Rice's remarks on Taiwan-US relations

Sushil Seth: Will China be a peaceful power?

Charles Snyder: US arms decision made last Christmas

Taipei Times editorial: You're the president, act like one

Repr. Koh Se-kai: MOFA bungled reaction to Tiaoyutai collision

Gerrit van der Wees: Ma Administration's words and actions are threatening democracy

Richard Bush: The balancing act across the Strait

Ma Ying-jeou reasserts ROCs claims to Tiaoyutai

Ben Goren: DPP should tackle Tiaoyutai issue

Defense News report: KMT asked for arms freeze

Taiwan News editorial: Stop fanning the fires over Tiaoyutai

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: warns of hasty decisions in cross-strait affairs

KMT Chair questions Ma status if ARATS chief visits

MOFA recalls Taiwan representative to Japan

Taipei Times editorial: The premier’s ship is taking on water

Premier Liu Chao- shiuan: War with Japan over Tiaoyutai possible

United States freezes weapons sales to Taiwan

DPP opinion poll: Ma Ying-jeou's popularity rating drops

Prof. Edward Chen: Rethinking cross-strait strategies

Former MAC Chair Chen Ming-tong downbeat on cross-strait plans

Lin Cho-shui: Taiwan’s new shadow government

US tells China: Let Taiwan join global bodies

MOFA delays ‘Taiwan’ name changes

DPP legislative caucus questions MAC’s Lai on "Chinese Taipei"

DPP Chairwoman Tsai rejects independence criticism

Lai I-chung: How China could erode Taiwanese democracy

Taipei Times editorial: Beijing's grand illusion of peace

Transitional justice in Taiwan: Lawyers seek ruling on Martial Law

Paul Lin: KMT Chairman Wu’s humiliating journey

Liu Shih- Ghung: Questions for Ma that won’t just disappear

April 2008

Europarliament member Charles Tannock: Give Taiwan credit for democracy

Cao Changqing: Middle road a betrayal of the DPP’s principles

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan doesn’t need Palestine model

Liang Wen-Chieh: DPP must mend to attract voters

Premier-designate Liu Chao-shiuan: names major Cabinet posts

Prof. Lin Wen-cheng: More questions about the "1992 consensus"

Richard Halloran: China’s well-organized Tibet-bashing campaign

Shen Chieh: Everyone should be reflecting on the election

Prof. Jerome Keating: It’s "not politics," but mind your P’s

Mark Du from Miami: Tibet and the Olympics: You all ought to know

Dominique Moisi: China and the Olympics: Clash of hypocrisy, incompetence

Lin Cho-shui: Boao Forum: When words are more than words

DPP to chart a new beginning

Taiwan Thinktank Forum discusses Taiwan's sovereignty

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou running soft and hard

Prof. Ruan Ming: The sinister forces behind Boao

Tsai Ing-wen enters DPP chairmanship election

Taipei Times editorial: How deep are Hu' s "deep" thoughts?

Chow Mei-li: Taiwan can provide a voice for the Tibetans

Siew meets Powell as president Chen pans trip

Lu Shih-hsiang: The intoxicating deification of Ma

Alison Hsieh from Greece: Taiwan should be consistent on WHO application

Taipei Times editorial: Is Ma’s Cabinet already old hat?

Prof. Ruan Ming: Sovereignty and "one China" not compatible

Siew and Hu meet at Boao Forum in Hainan

Taipei Times editorial: Self-respect loses to self-censorship

President Chen: WHO bid to use ‘Taiwan’ as title

Stephen Yates: What to expect of the US and China

Shaheen visit marred by threat

Taipei Times editorial: Taming the KMT dragon

Taipei Times editorial: Washington sends mixed signals

Sushil Seth: Tibet: China’s make-believe world

Charles Hong: Ma, before and after the elections

Taipei Times editorial: Think before you leap, Ma

Liu Shih-chung: Ma's dream of visiting US sparks controversy

February 2008

Taipei Times editorial: Forgetting what 228 is really about

Frank Hsieh urges public to vote for the dream of their forefathers

Ma Ying-jeou promises 228 apology, new historical perspective

"Walk against the wind" march ends at huge rally in Taipei

Taipei Times editorial: Even Ma must be dumbstruck

Randall Schriver: Timing of Rice remarks "inadequate"

Stephen Nelson from Toronto: Lessons from 228

President Chen hopes for better dialogue with the US

Li Thian-hok: Freedom must win on March 22nd

AEI/Armitage report: US and Taiwan must bolster ties

Members of US Congress call for an end to "one China" policy

Taipei Times editorial: One rule for Kosovo, one for Taiwan

President Chen Shui-bian: mulling `defensive referendum'

Jerome Keating: German film offers insights for Taiwanese

Foreign Minister James Huang: Taiwan officially recognizes Kosovo

Sushil Seth: China's rise will mean turbulence

Kosovo declares independence

Frank Hsieh's accuser apologizes publicly

Ma Ying-jeou criticizes Central Election Commission investigation

Taipei Times editorial: KMT elders should grow up

Stephen Yates: The direction of Taiwanese politics

Ministry of National Defense seeks answers over Chinese spy scandal in the US

Congressman Howard Berman set to be Taiwan's champion

Jerome Keating: Finding identity amidst the baloney

FBI charges trio with spying for China

Chiang Kai-shek's great-grandson criticizes Lien Chan for refusal to concede in 2004

Overseas Taiwanese organizations urge Bush to support UN membership for Taiwan

John McCain has Chinese aggression in his sights

Taiwan allies protest UN treatment of Taiwan

Deputy Secretary Negroponte: Give Taiwan more international space

US House of Representatives to vote on Taiwan bill

Taiwan expats in Germany berate German foreign minister

William Cooper: UN poll should stay

State of Indiana adopts three resolutions in support of Taiwan