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Major Recent Events and Issues:

March 2005: China's "anti-secession law"

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials

November 2007

December 2007

Taipei Times editorial: The government must protect voters

Opinion poll finds public prefers independence to China

Prime Minister Chang: Two-step voting against the law

DPP hands over 2.7 million UN bid signatures to CEC

Taipei Times editorial: Give no quarter at the WTO

Gerrit van der Wees: Which name works for diplomacy?

President Chen Shui-bian: No return to martial law

Europarliament member Graham Watson (UK): calls for greater EU support for Taiwan

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: Independence not an ethnic issue

Gerrit van der Wees: The "One China" policy: Back to basics

Formosan Association for Public Affairs slams AIT director Young for remarks

Ma Ying-jeou stands by KMT snub of CEC ruling

Taipei Times: The DPP should not rely on the Central Election Commission

Randall Schriver: The real value of Robert Gates' Asia trip

US-China Review Commission: PRC spying threatens US technology

United States approves PAC-II support system sale

President Chen praises use of Aboriginal name for new road

International forum supports one-step voting

Taipei Times: US Congress proposes UN bid support

Raphael Gamzou: Israeli official finds ways to lend a hand in Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT unaccountability syndrome

Geneva court holds hearing on name dispute between Taiwan and ISO

AIT's Stephen Young: UN referendum would hurt trust

Ambassador Joseph Wu defends government's UN referendum plan

Taipei Times editorial: Gangsters, gangsters everywhere

Liu Kuan-teh: Ma Ying-jeou's ploy shows lack to leadership

United States DOD revises references to Taiwan after complaint

Richard Halloran: Trade the ambiguity for a clear US policy

September 2007

Taipei Times editorial: No concessions this time, Beijing

John Tkacik: Taiwan's status remains "unsettled"

Steve Tsang: Myanmar poses test to 'peaceful rise' of PRC

Taipei Times editorial: China is accountable for Myanmar

President Chen decries atrocities in Myanmar

Vaclav Havel: International community must act in Burma

Taiwan's allies voice support for UN bid

US Business Council cheers US weapons resolution

Taipei Times editorial: What the DPP's referendum can do

House Foreign Affairs Committee passes Taiwan Defense Needs resolution

US Congress pressures Bush on F-16 sale

DPP heavyweights agree on wording for "normal country"

Taiwan Cabinet designates October 24 "Taiwan UN Day"

Cao Changqing: Resolution must include Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: The need for judicial reform

Lin Cho-shui: The referendum situation must now be remedied

Taipei Times editorial: If Macedonia can do it ...

UN General Assembly: Taiwan will not appear on UN agenda

US opinion poll shows most Americans support Taiwan UN bid

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Fight for Taiwan no longer lonely

Frank Hsieh pushes amnesty for all fund cases

Taipei Times editorial: To be heard is victory enough

Jerome Keating: Does the US have a genuine plan?

UN-SG Ban Ki-moon "hopes" for Taiwan UN discussion

President Chen stands firm on plebiscite

Prof. Cho Hui-wan: Proposing a wiser UN referendum

Indian academic Ramesh Thakur: Admit Taiwan to UN

Koo Kwang-ming places ads in NYTimes and

Taipei Times: Hundreds of thousands rally for UN referendums

Taiwan Church and civic groups call for Taiwan UN-Day

President Chen: China, not US, is blocking referendum plan

DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun: pans US `one China' policy

US scholars: Taiwan belongs in the UN

Taipei Times editorial: The new Ma Ying-jeou lacks backbone, too

President Chen rebuts US' referendum criticism

Chia Tek-khiam in Taipei: A letter to George W. Bush

Taipei Times editorial: China wasting its time on bullying

Taipei undeterred by US opposition to UN referendum

Deputy Defense Minister: US should aid Taiwan with security dialogues

Freedom House pans US pressure over UN referendum

DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun: presses need for official title change

Stephen Yates: Righting Chiang Kai-shek's wrongs

Liu Shun-ming: Nothing to fear about facing up to history

President Chen Shui-bian calls for deeper democratization

US congressmen and Taiwanese-Americans get behind UN bid

Mei-chin van der Wees: Tide for UN referendum cannot be stemmed

Lin Cho-shui: US, China lay their cards on table

Prof Lo Chih-cheng: US stance risks hostile responses in Taiwan

Agence France Press: Experts in DC say Washington is kowtowing to Beijing

President Bush lauds Taiwan's democratic society

President Bush warns on referendum being 'blown up too big'

Foreign Minister Huang pans Hu Jintao over "status quo"

The United States Persuades UN's Ban to reverse stance

China drops plan for UN vote on Taiwan

Liu Kuan-teh: The DPP drafts a pragmatic resolution

President Chen dumps on KMT referendum proposal

Pro-Taiwan groups blast US comments by Negroponte and Wilder

Legislator Chai Trong-rong: The DPP's resolution paves way for progress

Huang Jei-hsuan: Truth will set Taiwan free

Gerrit van der Wees: Washington keeps getting it wrong

Taipei Times editorial: Friends can be worse than enemies

Frank Hsieh: Ma Ying-jeou is colluding with China

President Chen: Taiwan is sovereign, name is flexible

Taiwan supporters in DC criticize Negroponte and Dennis Wilder

July 2007

President Chen, FM James Huang send protest notes to UN SG Ban Ki-moon

Yan Lu-fen: It is time for a new anthem

Huang Jei-hsuang: Creating Taiwan's own fate

Ministry of Foreign Affairs slams Ban Ki-moon for rejecting UN bid

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon defends rejecting Taiwan's UN bid

Li To-tzu: Don't give up on a UN bid that is clearly fair

Civic Alliance formed to push UN bid

Taipei Times editorial: Politeness wins Taiwan no favors

Liu Kuan-teh: Frank Hsieh's grey area of reassurance

US Congressman David Wu urges Bush to scrap ban on high-level visits

President Chen meets high-level Republican delegation

DPP and TSU back Frank Hsieh's US speech

President Chen vows to persist on United Nations bid

Frank Hsieh takes tough line on UN bid, cross-strait issues in Washington

Frank Hsieh ridicules KMT in Washington

Shen Chieh: Deceit ruled in Kissinger meetings with Shen

President Chen takes UN membership bid to Ban Ki-moon

Allison Hsieh: The Treaty trumps the Communiqué

President Chen and DPP re-enact martial law rally

Lin Chia-lung: Rejection of referendum a violation of our laws

Richard Halloran: US dwindling support for Taiwan reminds us of Neville Chamberlain

Human rights groups: Legacy of martial law remains

DPP officials pan countries opposed to UN referendum

Prof. Peng Ming-min calls on the EU to support Taiwan

Chien Hsi-chieh: A peaceful road to an independent state

Joseph Wu: Diplomat without an embassy

Taiwan Appeals Committee says "yes" to UN referendum

Washington Post: Taiwan diplomats get little recognition

Nat Bellocchi: The US and Taiwan's referendums

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou's moment of truth

Prof. Arthur Waldron: A complete rethink of "One China" required

John Tkacik Jr.: The myth of China lending a hand

Taipei Times editorial: Teach this "diplomat" a lesson

Lee Teng-hui supports DPP referendum bid on KMT's stolen assets

Huang Jei-hsuan: Taiwan into the UN; the impossible is possible

Hakkas call for Hsieh-Yeh ticket at rally

Prof. Chen Hurng-ju: History creates present problems

Kengchi Goah: Poisonous trail leads right back to China

Civic groups urge President Chen to use "defensive" plebiscite

Richard Hazeldine: Ma attempts to frame the debate

May 2007

John Tkacik Jr.: The US should ignore the China lobby

President Chen Shui-bian speaks to the US media, politicians

Taipei Times editorial: Young Chiang shows KMT the way

Health Minister Hou Sheng-mou: Latest WHO bid created true debate on Taiwan

Dennis V. Hickey: What Taiwan means to the US

Letters to the editor: Responses to Arthur Waldron

Charles Snyder: US DOD: Arms balance tilting in PRC's favor

Kuomintang party to add `Taiwan' to party charter

Liberty Times editorial: AIT's Steven Young should revise his message

Taipei Times editorial: Unseating the CKS paradox in the hall

Prof. Hawang Shiow-duan: Keeping an eye on the legislature is necessary

New Premier Chang Chun-hsiung takes oath of office

DPP's signature drive for UN poll passes first stage

J. Michael Cole: It's time for asymmetric warfare

Prof. Lee Hsiao-feng: Why all the fuss about (former) CKS Hall?

Chiang Kai-shek Hall renamed "Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall"

Shieh Jhy-wey: New GIO minister poised to bring a smile to his new post

Taipei Times editorial: This partisan NCC is out of control

TECRO officials: new US trade policy favors Taiwan

DPP: unveils new legislative line-up

Taipei Times editorial: China's "concern" makes us sick

DPP task force to draft "normal country" resolution

Cao Changqing DPP must make platform clearer

Premier Su Tseng-chang' Cabinet steps down to pave way for new premier

Taiwan warns WHO over missing link

Hakka groups urge DPP to pick Yeh Chu-lan for vice-President

World Health Assembly kills Taiwan WHO membership bid

Mei-chin van der Wees: WHO entry is a moral, not a political question

British Parliament introduces Taiwan into the WHO resolution

Dr. Lin Shih-chia: "One China" at the WHO?

Santa Lucia forges diplomatic ties with Taiwan

Richard Halloran: Is there a plan behind China's submarines?

Taipei Times: What to do with a bunch of sell-outs?

President Chen pans 'meaningless' bid to take part in WHO

Randall Schriver: Beijing Olympics 2008; a modest proposal

March 2007

Charles Snyder: US rebuke linked to N. Korea nuclear talks

Cao Changqing: DPP TV-debate fortifies the essence of democracy

Heritage Foundation panel: Drop the "one China" policy

US State Department warns of PRC arms buildup

Taipei Times: Beyond the symbolism of the wall

Taiwan military shows off upgraded IDF fighters

Li Thian-hok: Tough challenges ahead for Joseph Wu

Liu Kuan-teh: DPP needs a positive image for the primary

Taiwan Thinktank unveils second half of its draft Constitution

DPP rivals battle it out in TV debate

Huang Tien-lin: Sovereignty is linked to the economy

Taipei Times: Primaries for Presidential elections; time to play with fire

DPP Caucus asks President Chen to mediate among hopefuls

Nat Bellocchi: Dialogue will be key during the elections

Prof. Lo Chih-cheng: Beijing is failing to win hearts and minds

Taipei Times: Mr. Wu goes to Washington

Richard Halloran: The US and China test eachother's security

Joseph Wu: Political buffer between the US and Taiwan

Premier Su Tseng-chang confirms Joseph Wu's US appointment

Taiwan Thinktank pushes new Constitution

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: New survey dismantles some old stereotypes

President Chen Shui-bian allays Constitution fears

Joseph Wu to replace David Lee as Representative to US

Taipei Times: Can the Kuomintang square the circle?

Prof. Jerome Keating: Taiwan and its past: Chiang Kai-shek must go

Taipei Times: The KMT tries to subvert democracy

Cao Changqing: 'Anti-Secession' Law has the opposite effect

Taipei Times: Ignore public opinion at your peril

Prof. Peng Ming-min:: Olympics pose a unique dilemma

Liu Kuan-teh: Let the big four DPP competitors speak out

DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun vows to dump "four noes" if elected

Opinion poll: Vast majority of Taiwanese oppose "Anti-Secession Law"

John Tkacik: What exactly is the status quo?

Bo Tedards: Vincent Wang, a man who dedicated his life to his country

President Chen calls for three-party approach to Taiwan Strait

Taipei Times: The KMT should deal with its issues

FAPA President C.T. Lee: Taiwan still has several allies in the US

Michael Turton: What Associated Press did wrong

Prosecutors seek 30-year jail term for Rebar tycoon

Admiral Fallon lauds Taiwan's military

Kurt Campbell: Neglecting Taiwan defense budget a folly

Taipei Times: China is a clear and present danger

President Chen says remarks made his policies `memorable'

Charles Snyder: President Chen's weekend comments upset the US

DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun vows to ditch "four noes" if elected president

Paul Lin: Yardsticks for future leaders of the nation

Calm Presidential office downplays Chen's comments

President Chen tells FAPA dinner: Taiwan must go "independent"

Nat Bellocchi: Chasing after names not so foolish

Prof. Lo Chih-cheng: Changing names is natural and reasonable

Taipei Times: Taiwan: perceptions vs reality

Jerome Keating: Taiwan's identity is its democracy

Congressman Tancredo at 228 gathering: Recognize Taiwan

January 2007

Senator Trent Lott to co-chair Senate Taiwan Caucus

Taiwan UN Alliance urges president Chen to use "Taiwan" in application for UN

Prof. Lee Hung-hsi unveils new draft Constitution

Foreign bloggers in Taiwan blog on

Ma Ying-jeou: Kuomintang against independence

Kuan Chung-hsiang and Lo Shih-hung: A need for more broadcast reform

Taipei Times: Name change not enough for Kuomintang

Jerome Keating: Promote real reform for Taiwan

Cao Changqing: Presidential candidates must take a clear stance

Taipei Times: Fragile alliance a new pain for Ma

Randall Schriver: US-Japan pact matters to Taiwan

Huang Tien-lin: Keep investment capital in Taiwan

US Congress plans early push in support of Taiwan

President Chen has a busy stop in San Francisco

Taipei Times: President Chen's trip to Nicaragua: better to stand up

Dan Blumenthal: US policies drive Taiwan's isolation

Li Thian-hok: Calmer waters ahead for the DPP

Majority in Taiwan favors referendum on UN bid

High speed rail commences operations

Taipei Times: The myth of the bad economy

Taipei Times: Storm in a teacup over President Chen's New Year's speech

Taiwan Society backs DPP-Chair Yu in press spat

Liu Kuan-teh: The nation needs a new strategy on diplomacy

Prof. Tseng Chien-yuan: Of which "status quo" do you speak?

President Chen lauds KMT "compromise"

Kuomintang accepts CEC voting compromise

Frank Hsieh Chang-ting: "Not guilty" not same as "ethical"

Court ruling keeps Ma Ying-jeou in election race

Central Election Commission announces compromise on two-step polling

Sim Kiantek: The lies that history bequeathes us

Lin Chia: Why is the US backing the Chinese on Taiwan?

Opinion survey shows US pressure does not sway supporters

Ambassador Joseph Wu: It is Beijing that is being 'provocative'

President Chen Shui-bian: UN Referendum no provocative tool

Taiwan regrets Rice comments on referendum

Foreign Minister James Huang: rejects US criticism of island's UN referendum

US Congressmen urge Rice to constrain US criticism of Taiwan referendum

Frank Hsieh Bush criticism will not sway us

Taipei Times editorial: The KMT stereotypes Mainlanders

Prof. Jerome Keating: Those underhanded secret deals

Prof. Lung-chu Chen: Left out of the UN, decisions are made for us

Allen Houng: What is so bad about `UN for Taiwan'?

FAPA Executive Director Wen-yen Chen: The US needs to do the right thing

US' Stephen Yates: Taiwan can ask US clarification of its policy

Taipei Times editorial: Who gains from leaked "minutes"?

American Institute in Taiwan The US is not playing favorites

Taipei Times editorial: Why is the US silent on the KMT?

Congressman Tom Tancredo: Changing course on "one China"

Dan Bloom: The fall of the "Berlin Wall" in Taipei

Taipei Times editorial: Does the US respect democracy?

Lawyer Lee Sheng-hsiung: Sovereignty is basically a human rights issue

Gerrit van der Wees: President Sarkozy, J'Accuse

J. Michael Cole: The method in Beijing's madness

Michelle Wang: Let's look at the one-step voting issue very closely

Richard Halloran: US presidential hopefuls quiet on Asian policy

Martial-law-era prison to reopen as human rights memorial park

Huang Jei-hsuan: No invitation required

Majority in survey back CEC's "one step" voting

Taipei Times editorial: Same old rights guff from ASEAN

Li Thian-hok: Lessons from the UN referendum

Taipei Times editorial: For the US, it's no port in a storm

Charles Snyder: US carrier sailed through Taiwan Strait

October 2007

Nat Bellocchi: Gearing up for the voter's elections

US panel calls for arms sale approval

Lai I-chung: Hu Jintao's "peace offer" is nothing of the sort

President Chen Shui-bian touts positives of UN referendum

Foreign Minister James Huang calls for more active quest for UN membership

Taipei Times editorial: China and the KMT tipping point

Taipei Times editorial: Blocked by the US at every turn

Kurt Campbell: US stalling may have ramifications

Prof. Ruan Ming: Toss out the remnants of the days before democracy

President Chen wants KMT apology for assasinations

Sande Cohen: The "One China" myth

Ma Ying-jeou promises "honest" look at White Terror era

Taipei Times editorial: Better a little tiger with sharp teeth

Gerrit van der Wees: Common Market won't work for Taiwan

Richard Halloran: President Chen renews attitude of defiance

President Chen: Viva democracy, viva UN entry

Taipei Times editorial: State of a hemmed-in nation

Cabinet spokesman Shieh: Vincent Siew's speech to businessmen in US "shameful"

Prof. Lee Hsiao-feng: Double Ten: The roots of an "abnormal" Taiwan

Prof. Jerome Keating: US choice: principle or realpolitik

US Senators push for high-level visits

Prof. Dennis Hickey: US should seek compromise at UN

US House urges sale of F-16s to Taiwan

Formosan Association for Public Affairs promotes EU-US-Taiwan dialogue

Ambassador Edgar Lin: The US must improve relations

DPP passes "normal country" resolution

August 2007

DPP Central Executive Committee passes "normal country" draft

Prof. Arthur Waldron: Taiwan's UN bid

Taipei Times editorial: What does "friendship" mean?

Negroponte sends multiple messages

Democratic Progressive Party sticks to its guns on referendum

Gaines Ho: Stop kowtowing to China

John Negroponte: UN referendum a mistake

Taipei Times editorial: No friends of democracy in the US

Huang Jei-hsuan: Washington pans sentiment

Frank Hsieh hints at picking Yeh Chu-lan for Premiership

Shen Chieh: Restoring diplomatic relations (Between US and Taiwan) is the best option

Li Thian-hok: Hsieh in Washington, an appraisal

St. Lucia government says it supports Taiwan's UN bid

President Chen tells BBC: Taiwan is independent

Taipei Times editorial: Time for MOFA to clean house

Cao Chang-qing: Eight ways in which the Hsieh-Su ticket boosts the DPP's edge

President Chen calls for greater US-Taiwan communication

Randall Schriver: Taiwan needs six "new assurances"

Nat Bellocchi: It's time for creativity: beyond a referendum

Wilson Chen: "One China" in the US and PRC has two meanings

Yeh Chu-lan sworn in as secretary-general of Presidential Office

DPP heavyweights pull together for the unity of the party

President Chen calls Kuo Yu-hsin the father of Taiwanese democracy

Michelle Wang: the "Republic of China" must end

Majority of survey respondents back "Taiwan" bid for the UN

Su Tseng-chang welcomed by Hsieh at airport

Taipei Times editorial: When China is Taiwan's friend

Analysts split on Hsieh's support for new DPP resolution

Taipei Times editorial: Independent judiciary is still a dream

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Taiwan's statehood is undeniable

Fifteen allies support Taiwan with a motion at the UN

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou's halo loses its luster

President Chen Shui-bian tells the US to stop changing the rules

Taipei Times editorial: Ma Ying-jeou verdict raises more questions

John Bolton: China would not act if US recognized Taiwan

Liu Kuan-teh: Managing US response to the UN bid

Presbyterian Church played catalyst role on road to reforms

Presbyterians celebrate human rights declaration anniversary

Taipei Times editorial: China and the `nuclear option'

Paul Lin: Hsieh must unify DPP to overcome weaknesses

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: The evolution of Taiwan's statehood

Lai I-chung: Whose side is the KMT on, anyway?

Randy Schriver disagrees with UN stance on Taiwan's status

Taipei Times editorial: Olympics will reveal the real China

Sushil Seth: The strategy and logic of the US' Asia policy

Presbyterian Church to hold rally for 30-year-old declaration

Former DPP legislator Lin Cho-shui: The status quo's illusion of peace

Nat Bellocchi: Better dialogue in the triumvirate

Taiwan's diplomatic Allies accuse Ban Ki-moon of violating UN protocol

Taipei Times editorial: Carrots for China, sticks for Taiwan

Frank Hsieh supports re-writing the Constitution

Democratic Progressive Party unveils its "normal country" draft resolution

Presidential Office explains letters to the UN

US House of Representatives votes for top-level Taiwan visits

MOFA: Taiwan may benefit from US visa-waiver bill

June 2007

Taipei Times editorial: Turning the referendum into a joke

Wu Chih-Chung: Vincent Siew just doesn't understand the issues

Taipei Times editorial: The NCC saga sinks into a farce

Taiwanese don't want to follow Hong Kong's lead

House Foreign Affairs Committee approves bill on high-level visits

Chiang Huang-chih: The US should keep silent on Taiwan's UN appeal

Taipei Times editorial: The albatross of KMT Party assets

Randall Schriver: Pro Taiwan (but not anti-China)

Prof. Lo Chih-cheng: Washington is ignoring the reality in the Taiwan Strait

Prof. Jerome Keating: The process of Taiwanese identity

Prof. Arthur Waldron: UN bid referendum an internal affair

Liu Kuan-teh: Fighting China's diplomatic warfare

Frank Hsieh: criticizes KMT for easing anti-corruption rule

Analysis: KMT's Ma-Siew ticket reflects aging party

United States softens tone on President Chen's plan for UN referendum

Taiwan opinion polls show support for UN bid

Nat Bellocchi: Should Taiwan follow Singapore?

Ma Ying-jeou selects Vincent Siew as running mate

US House approves Tancredo amendment, easing curbs on Taiwan contacts

Frank Hsieh Chang-t'ing: UN referendum no election ploy

Prof. Chen Wen-hsien: "One China" policy does not prevent UN bid

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan is worth fighting for

Shirley Kan: The TRA and Reagan's Six Assurances

Taiwan Government slams US remarks on UN bid

Taipei Times editorial: When being bad isn't bad

Charles Snyder: Pro-China State Department staff killed official's trip

Taiwan News: DPP to push referendum despite protest from the US

President Chen expresses hope for referendum on Taiwan into the UN

Liu Kuan-teh: Re-examining Taiwan's diplomacy

Gerrit van der Wees: Taiwan is as much a nation-state as the US

Lin Chia-lung: Time to return to the spirit of the TRA

Formosan Association for Public Affairs: Key document on Taiwan non-binding

Lin Cho-shui: Ma Ying-jeou subscribes to fiction as history

Michael Turton: Prof. Copper follows pan-blue line

US DOD's Richard Lawless: China is changing the "status quo"

President Bush shakes hands with Joseph Wu

Legislative Yuan: Budget greenlighted for Friday

Richard Halloran: "Transparency" clouds US-Sino ties

Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou remains a walking contradiction

Li Thian-hok: The US needs to face the facts about China

Frank Hsieh seeks win-win relationship with PRC

Kris Liao: The KMT is out of touch

Huang Jei-hsuan: Independence gains support

Chee Siok Chin: Open letter to Ma Ying-jeou: Singapore is no role model

Analysts agree on need for US review of Taiwan status

Attention shifts to Hsieh Chang-ting's choice for running mate

Yang Chun-hui: Cut Ma Ying-jeou some slack

Repr. Joseph Wu: Taiwan's man in Washington on maintaining relations

Prof. Chen Shih-min: New EU presents an opportunity for Taiwan

April 2007

Liberty Times editorial: It is time for the US to define the "status quo"

President Chen blasts WHO for rejecting bid

James Tu: Bishop Tutu and reconciliation

Tapei Times editorial: Good riddance to the Olympic torch

Taiwan government rejects Beijing's claim on torch consensus

Taipei Times: A rebuttal to Senator John Warner

Dennis Wilder: US opposed to missile buildup

Margot Chen: Key issues interesting only during campaigns

Bishop Desmond Tutu encourages reconciliation, forgiveness

Prominent deep-green leaders weigh in on DPP hopefuls

Congressional report: Joseph Wu could boost TECRO

Charles Snyder: State Department not in favor of WHO vote

Jerome Keating: Is Sun Yat-sen still turning in his grave?

Michael Lin: Time to say no to US' "One China"

Foreign Affairs Minister James Huang: World Health bid is nation's will

Bishop Desmond Tutu to 228 families: Speaking out aids healing

Michael Lin: Time to say no to US "One China"

Huang Jei-hsuan: Presidential elections: the KMT's sellout

President Chen: new WHO bid doesn't violate pledges

President Chen's WHO bid garners praise from professionals

Joseph Wu Takes up Washington Post

Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Membership bid for WHO is the correct way

Steven Yates says PRC rise is an "inconvenient truth"

Steven Yates: Taiwan needs a new "army of ants"

Li Thian-hok: Early start in the White House ace

Feng Chien-san: Policies can encourage more media discipline

Taipei Times analysis: What is Wang Jin-pyng's angle in attacking the KMT?

Council on Foreign Relations Report: Chinese satellite killer raises threat

Paul Lin: China driving out Taiwanese businesspeople

Tsai Horng-ming: Developing a strategy for an FTA with the US

Lee Long-hwa: The KMT needs to wake up

Liu Kuan-teh: US-Taiwan relations need better balancing

In memory Chen Nan-jung: Friends and family pay tribute

Tchen Yu-chiou on cultural policy: Whither Taiwan?

Taipei Times: Ethnicity: the joker in the KMT pack

Prof. Chen Ming-tong: A pragmatic Constitutional solution

Joseph Wu seeks better communication

Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou caught in web of ironies

Randall Schriver: Defense: time for Taiwan to take ownership

Prof. Chen Ming-tong tipped as Joseph Wu's successor

New Taiwan Draft Constitution moves ahead

Taipei Times: Shih Ming-teh running out of dupes

Tseng Tse-fung: Kaohsiung needed to break free

Paul Lin: What the Hong Kong poll changed

Ma Ying-jeou: Guilty verdict or not, I plan run for presidency

Herschensohn's Taiwan, the Threatened Democracy: With friends like the US State Department, who needs enemies?

William Stimson: Small, independent and free is best

February 2007

DPP Chief Yu Shyi-kun confirms plan to run for President

President Chen: US should be happy with speech

Former AIT Chair and Congressman criticize State Department

Richard Armitage criticizes State Department

Taipei Times: The blooding of Ma Ying-jeou

John Diedrichs: Abian needs to fight fire with fire

Margot Chen: Lee has not amended his stance on Taiwan

Huang Jei-hsuan: Fighting KMT colonialism in the history books

Taipei Times: Ma's bid against the spirit of the Law

John Tkacik: The best defense is a good offense

Taipei Times: Who is to blame if Ma falls?

Lo Chih-cheng: Beijing's strategy is to divide and conquor

Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou indicted, resigns as KMT chairman

Prof. Wilson Chen: Taiwan is a democratic, independent nation now

Name change movement Reflects increasing Taiwan identity

Taiwan government continues with name change of state-owned companies

Nat Bellocchi: The US relationship with Taiwan

Shen Chieh: Reaching a consensus on national identity

Kurt Campbell: Neglecting defense budget a folly

Bruce Jacobs: Describing Taiwan's real history

Democratic Progressive Party vows to push for transitional justice laws

Congress members laud friendship with Taiwan

Taipei Times: Good riddance to a tyrant

Prof. Jerome Keating: Democracy, the KMT and reality

DPP legislators initiate referendum campaign for UN "Taiwan" bid

Taipei Times: An independent Taiwan in 2008?

Huang Kun-hui: TSU needs to change image, values

Lee Teng-hui stirs up commentary storms

Taipei Times: Solving the riddle of the BCC sale

Arthur Waldron: Taiwan's global identity is critical

Huang Jei-hsuan: Boosting defense is a must