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Major Recent Events and Issues:

March 2005: China's "anti-secession law"

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials

November 2006

December 2006

30 November 2006:Charles Snyder: US official praises Taiwan's democracy

30 November 2006:Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan challenges US policies on China

29 November 2006:Taipei Times: The nation's voters are watching

29 November 2006:Li Thian-hok: The US mid-term elections and Taiwan

29 November 2006:Latest opinion poll shows strong support for independence

27 November 2006:Paul Lin: Don't be deceived by Hu Jintao's tactics

26 November 2006:Taipei Times: Tough times for Ma and the KMT

25 November 2006:Taipei Times: "Chen denial" and Chinese silence

23 November 2006:Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou's dueling personalities

23 November 2006:Huang Jong-tsung: Consider what's best for Taiwan

22 November 2006:Taipei Times: Stop recycling the old guard

21 November 2006:Taipei Times: Unexpected results of a witch hunt

21 November 2006:Jerome Keating: Mayor Ma Ying-jeou's wily shuffle continues

21 November 2006:Lu Shih-hsiang: The great Taiwanese media failure

19 November 2006:Richard Fisher: Taiwan faces a more precise foe

19 November 2006:US-Taiwan defense dialogue concludes for yet another year

18 November 2006:Mayor Ma pledges to step down if indicted

18 November 2006:Charles Snyder: US panel urges Congress to end Taiwan's isolation

16 November 2006:Taipei Times: Different rules for different folks

16 November 2006:Nat Bellocchi: Parties divided in more than name

15 November 2006:Taipei Times: Frank Hsieh's low-risk gamble

15 November 2006:Ruan Ming: Time for a new song for Taiwan

15 November 2006:Pan-blue lawmakers boycott review of arms budget

15 November 2006:Prosecutors grill Ma Ying-jeou over expense fund

14 November 2006:Taipei Times: President Chen faces a tough choice

14 November 2006:Richard Halloran: Now is the autumn of American discontent

12 November 2006:Taipei Times: Not easy breaking up for DPP

12 November 2006:Paul Lin: Beijing's intention is to isolate Taiwan

12 November 2006:Ruan Ming: Going beyond the blue-green divide

12 November 2006:Taipei mayoral race: integrity becomes debate focus

11 November 2006:Taipei Times: With friends like Lee Yuan-tseh

10 November 2006:Taipei Times: Don't bother reading US tea leaves

10 November 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Chen crisis not a political football

10 November 2006:Liberty Times: Cross-Strait links threaten the economy

10 November 2006:Liberty Times: Cross-Strait links threaten the economy

08 November 2006:Taipei Times: Indictments show nation's maturity

09 November 2006:Charles Snyder: Taiwan may get boost from US results

08 November 2006:Taipei Times: Chen Ding-nan, a man to remember

04 November 2006:Taipei Times: Let the nation be Chen's guide

04 November 2006:First Lady Wu indicted, Chen to come

September 2006

30 September 2006:Taipei Times: Who's afraid of lunch-box politics?

30 September 2006:Cao Changqing hears echos of the Cultural Revolution

30 September 2006:Bill Chung: Anti-Chen protests a lose-lose deal for Ma

29 September 2006:President Chen vows to deliver on Constitution

28 September 2006:Taipei Times: Shih's vanity distracts the mighty

28 September 2006:Margot Chen: China is hell-bent on swallowing up Taiwan

28 September 2006:Lee Min-yung: Time to put the "civic" into society

27 September 2006:Taipei Times: PFP, Pathetic, Fleeting Phenomenon

27 September 2006:Sushil Seth: Wealth, with PRC characteristics

27 September 2006:Jerome Keating: Pan-blue hypocrisy just keeps rolling on

26 September 2006:Taipei Times: Too early to pass judgement

25 September 2006:President Chen proposes change of Constitution

25 September 2006:Yu Shyi-kun: Public should ask Shih for an "exit plan"

25 September 2006:Troy Henley: "ROC" sows confusion

24 September 2006:Lee Teng-hui calls for all parties to respect the law

24 September 2006:Bo Tedards: A coup in Taiwan is not impossible

22 September 2006:Taipei Times: Far from Bankok, close to Manilla

22 September 2006:Huang Tien-lin: How to rule by reading the daily newspapers

22 September 2006:Nat Belocchi: Will the future be any different?

22 September 2006:Charles Snyder: UN backing of South Korean worries Taiwan's allies

21 September 2006:Taipei Times: Cancel Double Ten day

21 September 2006:Jerome Keating: Taiwan's color-coded view of corruption

21 September 2006:Charles Hong: Shih Ming-teh scratches the wrong itch

20 September 2006:Taipei Times: Time for sit-in to take off its mask

20 September 2006:Li Thian-hok: Why the UN should admit Taiwan

20 September 2006:Hsu Yung-ming: Last week's siege a betrayal of democracy

19 September 2006:Taipei Times: The enemy is systemic corruption

19 September 2006:DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun: China sans democracy is a China sans peace

19 September 2006:Jason Liu: Dirty tools for authoritarian ends

18 September 2006:Huang Tien-lin: DPP fails do deal with media bias

17 September 2006:Taipei Times editorial: Shih's strike is a bridge too far

17 September 2006:Thousands crowd Taipei in support of Chen

16 September 2006:Taipei Times: You gotta have faith

16 September 2006:DPP Chairman Yu warns KMT would tilt towards China

15 September 2006:US lawmakers honor Yu Shyi-kun, Taiwan in Washington

15 September 2006:Tu Ho-ting: The real threat to Taiwan's security

15 September 2006:Paul Lin: Is Shih fostering a Cultural Revolution?

14 September 2006:Taipei Times: Shih's troops prepare for "battle"

14 September 2006:United Nations bid fails, MOFA lashes out at China's moves

14 September 2006:DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun confident arms procurement will be approved

14 September 2006:Taipei Times: Shih's troops prepare for "battle"

08 September 2006:Taipei Times: Topple the Cabinet? Bring it on

08 September 2006:Chen Chu: Political institutions need respect

08 September 2006:Annie Lee: Gender revolution bearing fruit

07 September 2006:Taipei Times: Chen Yunlin, a Trojan envoy

07 September 2006:Legislator Trong Chai: Present "Taiwan" to the UN General Assembly

06 September 2006:Taipei Times: Arms Bill is Ma's next test

06 September 2006:Paul Lin: Ma's take on PRC naive, or driven by his ideology

05 September 2006:President Chen inks accord with Pacific allies in Palau

05 September 2006:AmCham and TSU spar on China ties

05 September 2006:Legislator Tien Chiu-chin: Sorrowful diplomacy: A tale of two airports

04 September 2006:President Chen makes landmark flight to Palau summit

04 September 2006:Joseph Wang: UN should support Taiwan

03 September 2006:Ma Ying-jeou grants conditional "yes" to sit-in

02 September 2006:Taipei Times: Goodbye "CKS", you won't be missed

02 September 2006:President Chen: proposes renaming Chiang Kai-shek Airport

01 September 2006:Taipei Times: Power stems from a muzzled press

01 September 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Diplomatic needs hurt by domestic politicking

July 2006

31 July 2006:Taipei Times: Economic Conference: and now comes the hard part

30 July 2006:Taipei Times: On stone throwing and glass houses

30 July 2006:Former President Lee attacks conference results, reliance on China

29 July 2006:Taipei Times: Mainlanders, have no fear

28 July 2006:Taipei Times: Keeping liberty shackled

28 July 2006:President Chen touts local investment at economic summit

28 July 2006:DPP urges Ma Ying-jeou to make good on "sunshine law" pledge

27 July 2006:Taipei Times: Unconstitutional? So What?

27 July 2006:Former President Lee Teng-hui: Focus on the future, not just China

27 July 2006:Cao Changqing: Investment in China must not be increased

27 July 2006:Taiwan economic meeting stifles China angle

26 July 2006:Taipei Times: Soong remains a canny operator

26 July 2006:Charles Snyder: The truth about a US-Taiwan FTA

19 July 2006:Taipei Times: DPP should consider post-Chen era

19 July 2006:Lu Shih-hsiang: Anti-Chen crusaders are bluffing

19 July 2006:David Kuo: The TSU is not a pawn of the DPP

13 July 2006:Huang Tien-lin: DPP's "go west" stance alienates TSU

13 July 2006:US experts support Taiwan developing ballistic missiles

12 July 2006:Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou grilled by Japanese Diet members

12 July 2006:Taipei Times: Patriotist? Show me the money

09 July 2006:Taipei Times: Another day, another conspiracy

09 July 2006:Paul Lin: Hong Kong, Tibet serve as a warning for Taiwan

09 July 2006:Chiu Hei-yuan: Blue or green, it's just not enough

07 July 2006:Taipei Times: China profits from missile madness

07 July 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Public will not stand for Soong's extremism

07 July 2006:Kin-ming Liu: Unhappy birthday for Hong Kong

07 July 2006:US Defense official says Taiwan's defense is on track

07 July 2006:Speaker Wang Jin-pyng: China Times "intimidation" story untrue

06 July 2006:Taipei Times: Get in touch with the public, Ma

06 July 2006:Lee Wen-chung: Journalistic ethics sadly missing

06 July 2006:Huang Jei-hsuan: Wake up, Taiwan

06 July 2006:DPP wary of pan-blue camp "ambush" of the Cabinet

06 July 2006:Irate Presidential Office pans Chen 'blackmail' story

05 July 2006:Taipei Times: Who owes whom an apology?

05 July 2006:Kuo Chang-feng: If Chen is a crook, then where's the evidence?

05 July 2006:Yao Chia-wen outlines DPP's major challenges

05 July 2006:Ma and Wang fail to reach agreement on arms budget

04 July 2006:Taiwan Solidarity Union: Nurse democracy back to health

04 July 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Opening to China isn't the answer

04 July 2006:Cao Chang-qing: The KMT's tactics aren't likely to win over Taiwanese

04 July 2006:AIT Director Stephen Young hails bilateral ties

03 July 2006:Hsu Yung-ming: Recall campaign a turning point

03 July 2006:Taiwan Solidarity Union denies conflict between Lee and Chen

03 July 2006:Commemorating Chen Wen-cheng's murder: More White Terror probes urged

02 July 2006:Taipei Times: A Legislature consumed by spite

02 July 2006:President Chen: Make Taiwan your home

02 July 2006:Chin Heng-wei: Pan-blue gameplaying was Soong's idea

01 July 2006:Taipei Times: Please Mr. Bush, let Taiwan speak

01 July 2006:Paul Lin: Recall bid the latest of chairman Ma's errors

01 July 2006:Charles Snyder: Bush opposes ease on Taiwan contacts

May 2006

31 May 2006:Chin Heng-wei: Why the DPP must pull together

28 May 2006:Taipei Times: Why recall the President?

28 May 2006:Gerrit van der Wees: Independence means peaceful coexistence

26 May 2006:Taipei Times: US Defense Paper misses one target

26 May 2006:Li Thian-hok: It is time to restore balance to US-Taiwan policy

25 May 2006:US DOD warns: China is tipping military schales

25 May 2006:Liu Kin-ming: "Taiwan provocation" is a fiction

25 May 2006:Paul Lin: Don't listen to China's lies, US is on our side

23 May 2006:Taiwan's tenth WHO bid defeated

23 May 2006:Sushil Seth: Taiwan could end up in big trouble

22 May 2006:Winston Dang: Taiwan's democracy is flourishing

21 May 2006:Michael Gau: China deal with WHO is a sham

18 May 2006:Nat Bellocchi: US, Taiwan need a broader dialogue

17 May 2006:Taipei Times: Give us an anthem we can relate to

17 May 2006:Vice Foreign Minister Michael Kau: Tenth bid to join WHA commences

16 May 2006:Taipei Times: Fools rush in on cross-Strait links

161 May 2006:President Chen: Let us put transit spat behind us

16 May 2006:Taiwan Solidarity Union plans referendum on anthem

16 May 2006:Charles Hong: The US is favoring China

14 May 2006:Taipei Times: Naysayers ignore President Chen's success

14 May 2006:Wang Dan: Ma Ying-jeou needs a history lesson

11 May 2006:President Chen makes surprise stopover in Libya

11 May 2006:Chin Heng-wei: The country must stand its ground

11 May 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Diplomacy, not politics needed to handle US relations

11 May 2006:Huanh Jei-hsuan: Post-trip Taiwan-US relations

09 May 2006:Chen Gau-tzu: President Chen chose the right road to Paraguay

09 May 2006:James Young: Bush a disappointment

04 May 2006:President Chen dissatisfied with US transit stop

02 May 2006:Emerson Chang: "Status quo" momentarily more stable

01 May 2006:Sushil Seth: China's clever use of "soft power"

March 2006

31 March 2006:Taipei Times: A vacuous DPP helps Ma's cause

31 March 2006:Cao Chang-qing: Ma's ideas dangerously naive

30 March 2006:Taipei Times: The media's Ma-colored glasses

30 March 2006:Ma Ying-jeou comes under fire from DPP and TSU

28 March 2006:Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou's wishful thinking

27 March 2006:Li Thian-hok: Ma shows true color in US speech

25 March 2006:Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou romances Washington

15 March 2006:President Chen in Frankfurter Allgemeine: China altered the "status quo"

15 March 2006:KMT LY Caucus votes against Ma's arms bill

15 March 2006:Taipei Times: Grant Taiwan WHO observer status

15 March 2006:Huang Jei-hsuan: Ma's rise could spell disaster

14 March 2006:President Chen Shui-bian may visit Libya

14 March 2006:DPP says survey shows support for independence at all-time high

14 March 2006:Chen Hurng-yu: US should back the Taiwanese people

14 March 2006:Richard Halloran: Guam to become "pivot point" for US forces in Pacific

13 March 2006:Ku Er-teh: Cabbies and dysfunctional politics

12 March 2006:Taipei Times: The irony of Beijing's "protection"

12 March 2006:Academia Sinica study: Taiwan indentity growing

12 March 2006:Mainland Affairs Council: China a threat to peace

12 March 2006:Yang ji-charng: Ma Ying-jeou is avoiding tough issues

11 March 2006:Taipei Times: The State Department is right on rights

11 March 2006:Admiral Fallon restates US commitment to Taiwan

10 March 2006:Taipei Times: Mr. Ma, put your own house in order

10 March 2006:Paul Lin: Response to scrapping NUC not all negative

10 March 2006:US' Chris Hill calls for cross-Strait dialogue

10 March 2006:Japanese Foreign Minister call Taiwan a country

09 March 2006:Taipei Times: Is the US asleep at the wheel?

09 March 2006:Taipei Times cartoon: US to Taiwan: don't cross the red line!

09 March 2006:DPP plans democracy parade

09 March 2006:US Republican warns on Unification Council moves

09 March 2006:Lo Chih-cheng: Unification Council spat may herald new sense of mission

09 March 2006:Su Yeh-ping: What is the US'"status quo"?

08 March 2006:Defense Ministry: China is accelerating missile buildup

07 March 2006:Taipei Times: CCP serves as mirror for pan-blues

07 March 2006:Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang: Scrapping the NUC was the right decision

07 March 2006:Prime Minister Su to China: talk to the government

07 March 2006:Lin Cho-shui: Taiwan must use leverage wisely

06 March 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Ma takes a page out of Abian's grubby book

06 March 2006:INPR opinion poll: Large majority says "let us decide"

05 March 2006:Taipei Times: Taiwanese will decide for themselves

05 March 2006:Jason Lee Boon Hong: The KMT would destroy Taiwan

05 March 2006:Ben Goren: The KMT wants amnesia

05 March 2006:Voice of America apologizes over its incorrect report

05 March 2006:President Chen: Public supports NUC move

04 March 2006:Taipei Times: The rise and rise of Ang Lee

04 March 2006:Chin Heng-wei: Chiang Kai-shek's 228 culpability

04 March 2006:United States says: No NUC misunderstandings

04 March 2006:Johnny Neihu: Panda-huggers, watch your step

03 March 2006:China complains to UN on Unification Council fate

03 March 2006:Ruan Ming: US has role in cross-Strait impasse

03 March 2006:New AIT Director Steve Young offers words of wisdom

03 March 2006:Ruan Ming: US has role in cross-Strait impasse

02 March 2006:Taipei Times: Ma's razzle dazzle falls short

02 March 2006:Nat Bellocchi: Moving relations beyond drama

01 March 2006:President Chen: urges truth of 228 Incident to be remembered

01 March 2006:Taipei Times: No cause for alarm over Unification Council

01 March 2006:Jerome Keating: Inane flap over inert, outdated council

01 March 2006:United States says "NUC episode is closed"

January 2006

31 January 2006:DPP Chair Yu Shyi-kun: President Chen didn't break any promises

30 January 2006:President Chen: Scrap unification guidelines

29 January 2006:Foreign Ministry slams China for freezing Taiwan out of WHO again

28 January 2006:Charles Snyder: Sources confirm Steve Young to be AIT head

26 January 2006:Taipei Times: KMT plea of poverty a tough sell

26 January 2006:Wang Chih-peng: KMT arms proposal insulting to the military

25 January 2006:Taipei Times: KMT looks backward to its future

25 January 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Time for the Taiwanese to wake up

25 January 2006:Chin Heng-wei: DPP must steer course toward 2008 election

24 January 2006:Taipei Times: Pan-blues still wedded to "black-gold"

24 January 2006:Mark Chen confirmed as Presidential Office head

24 January 2006:Nat Bellocchi: The uncertain road ahead

23 January 2006:Taipei Times: New faces tackle old problems

23 January 2006:Su Tseng-chang announces further Cabinet appointments

23 January 2006:Cao Chang-ching: China isolated as EU turns away

23 January 2006:Simon Jenkins: Who discovered America?

22 January 2006:Taipei Times: Cabinet must live up to its potential

22 January 2006:Liberty Times: "Active management" has fallen flat

20 January 2006:President Chen names charismatic Su Tseng-chang premier

20 January 2006:Taipei Times: New Cabinet faces a testing time

18 January 2006:Taipei Times: Obstacles to commerce from afar

18 January 2006:Sushil Seth: The CCP: self-serving and loving it

17 January 2006:Taipei Times: Yu's challenge: restoring faith

17 January 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Links no panacea for Kaohsiung

16 January 2006:Su Tseng-chang tipped to replace Hsieh as premier

16 January 2006:Yu Shyi-kun wins DPP leadership race

16 January 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Ma lacks a leader's responsibility

15 January 2006:Taipei Times: Budget cuts amount to revenge

15 January 2006:Liberty Times: What is Taiwan's "correct position"?

13 January 2006:Taipei Times: Soong's got to have it

13 January 2006:Former AIT chair Shaheen defends Chen's policies

12 January 2006:President Chen warns on Beijing's ambitions

12 January 2006:Taipei Times: Thanks for nothing Mr. Ma

12 January 2006:Paul Lin: Three major tasks await new DPP chairperson

12 January 2006:Christina MacFarquhar: Exploiting the pandas helps nobody

11 January 2006:Presidential office: News report on US "ire" over Chen speech "groundless"

11 January 2006:Huang Ter-yuan: Ma sees the nation in a "One China" framework

11 January 2006:Prof. Don Rodgers: Ma's statement on new Constitution short-sighted

10 January 2006:Taipei Times: Chen is his own worst enemy

10 January 2006:Martin Mitchell: Weapons to the deserving

09 January 2006:Showdown looms over arms budget

09 January 2006:Opinion poll reveals broad support for restricting cross-Strait econonomic ties

06 January 2006:President Chen: Ditch fantasies about China

06 January 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: President's speech a timely reminder

05 January 2006:Taipei Times: Chen's New Year's speech: the whole has many parts

05 January 2006:Jeff Hockett: Peace stems from playing the game

04 January 2006:Taipei Times: Chen policy shift the right move

04 January 2006:Chin Heng-wei: Chen restated nation's sovereignty

04 January 2006:Charles Hong: Ma Ying-jeou is popular, but is he reliable?

03 January 2006:Taipei Times: The grim road ahead

03 January 2006:MAC Chairman Joseph Wu: China tightening the screws

02 January 2006:President Chen: Tighten cross-Strait policies

02 January 2006:DPP Secretary-general: We will fully support goals in Chen's speech

Gerrit van der Wees: Taiwan's status as a state is beyond dispute

Nat Bellocchi: Who gaines from the "status quo"?

Taipei Times: The reality of the Taiwan crisis

Liu Kuan-teh: Elections have set the stage for the 2008 presidential race

Fong Ruey-jay: Elections reveal party weaknesses

Taipei Times: The KMT back to the drawing board

Prof. Bruce Jacobs: Now improve the political system

Taipei Times: The KMT is allergic to democracy

Randy Schriver: Mayoral elections provide boost to US-Taiwan ties

Prof. Hsueh Hua-yuan: Give the nation a new name and new constitution

Taipei Times: Two-party politics is back

Elections 2006: Voters stay faithful to big parties

Li Chung-pan: Why the DPP won in Kaohsiung

Taipei Times: Let's dump "Chinese Taipei"

President Chen floats new strategy for UN membership

US Congressman Tancredo invites President Chen to visit US

Prof. Ta-chen Cheng: China fast developing advanced submarines

Taipei Times: Ma blunder could cost Hau dearly

Ma-Soong meeting creates more waves

Legislative Yuan committee vetoes poll on Kuomintang's stolen assets

Taipei Times: The trials and tribulations of trade

Liu Kuan-teh: Beyond the elections' character warfare

Cao Changqing: DPP-TSU tensions grow over Kaohsiung elections

Charles Snyder: New US Defense Secretary backs defense of Taiwan

October 2006

23 October 2006:Taipei Times: Pan-blue split colors campaign launch

23 October 2006:Joel Linton: US helping Taiwan?

23 October 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: KMT-PFP cooperation a mirage

22 October 2006:Think-tanks and civic groups declare October 24th "Taiwan UN Day"

`22 October 2006:Lai I-chung: Arms bill is now more than ever

21 October 2006:Taipei Times: Remove Taiwan's Olympic stooge

21 October 2006:Cao Changqing: Neutrality is a luxury the TSU cannot afford

20 October 2006:Pan-blues promise to let revised arms bill go through

20 October 2006:Sushil Seth: North Korea tests US-China ties

20 October 2006:Hsu Yu-ming: "Second Republic" a second chance

18 October 2006:Taipei Times: Soong has shown his true colors

18 October 2006:Mike Miller: A performance review in Taipei

18 October 2006:Congressmen Tancredo and Rohrabacher urge Rice to visit Taiwan

17 October 2006:Taipei Times: Soong is Ma's worst nightmare

17 October 2006:Donald Shih: For the sake of identity - Taiwanese and Chinese

15 October 2006:Taipei Times: It's all about getting Chen

15 October 2006:Sushil Seth: China fear Soviet-style implosion

15 October 2006:Analysts: Anti-Chen drive losing steam

15 October 2006:Andrew Crosthwaite: Playing the Hitler card is absurd

11 October 2006:President Chen defiant as lawmaker foes protest

11 October 2006:Taipei Times: A day of national embarrassment

08 October 2006:Ben Adams: Taiwan on the road to civil society

04 October 2006:President Chen spurns second recall drive

04 October 2006:Jerome Keating: Taking a page out of "Animal Farm"

04 October 2006:Charles Snyder: Taiwan receives raw deal from US Congress

03 October 2006:Taipei Times: First Lady cleared in Sogo voucher charges

03 October 2006:Chiu Hei-yuan: Objectivity is lost when the media chooses sides

02 October 2006:Ruan Ming: 2007 elections Legislative elections key to saving democracy

02 October 2006:Marty Wolff: KMT, the disloyal opposition

02 October 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Is China's "unlimited warfare" succeeding?

August 2006

31 August 2006:Taipei Times: Ma's enemies take their chance

31 August 2006:Taiwanese American groups join forces on the UN

29 August 2006:Li Thian-hok: Whishy-washy policy hurts the US

29 August 2006:Poet Lee Min-yung: The country that I want has a vision for all of us

27 August 2006:Taipei Times: When does a protest go to far?

27 August 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Be careful what you wish for if Chen goes

27 August 2006:President Chen's supporters rally to oppose Shih Ming-teh

27 August 2006:Wei Jing-sheng: Weak US response to China human rights violations hurts Taiwan's security

26 August 2006:Jonathan Watts and Larry Elliott: Is China's economy headed for a meltdown?

24 August 2006:Taipei Times: Turning off the press

24 August 2006:Reverend Kao Chung-ming casts doubts on Shih Ming-teh's morals

24 August 2006:Kuomintang Party unveils particulars of party stolen assets

22 August 2006:Taipei Times: The rule of Law must come first

22 August 2006:Gerrit van der Wees and Mei-chin Chen: An Open letter to Shih Ming-teh

22 August 2006:Chiu Li-li: The threat to Taiwan's democratic movement

21 August 2006:Henry Blackhand: Shih Ming-teh sacrifices his dignity

21 August 2006:DPP lawmaker: "Kil Shih" plota pro-China strategem

20 August 2006:Taipei Times: Ma's new rule for a new friend

20 August 2006:President Chen vows to carry on, no matter what

20 August 2006:Paul Lin: Lies, damn lies, and Chinese statistics

19 August 2006:Taipei Times: Fair-weather allies deserve China

19 August 2006:Lee Ching-tai: The time is ripe for a thaw in US-Taiwan relations

18 August 2006:Taipei Times: Sha Zu Kang: China, sick man of Asia no more

18 August 2006:Sushil Seth: China's system likely to implode

18 August 2006:Jerome Keating: The short and happy life of a pan-blue shill

17 August 2006:Taipei Times: Chairman Ma, return the assets

17 August 2006:Linda Gail Arrigo: Shih's new campaign is a sorry tale

17 August 2006:Philip Yang: The nation needs new diplomacy

16 August 2006:Legislator Winston Dang: Douglas Paal has forgotten China's real motives

16 August 2006:Chang Ching-hsi: Don't count on China's economy

15 August 2006:Jerome Keating: Lazy reporters fail to tell the truth

14 August 2006:President Chen pledges to reflect, start over

14 August 2006:Paul Lin: Beware China's anti-US strategy

13 August 2006:Taipei Times: Shih's campaign more bark than bite

13 August 2006:Lee Teng-hui denies that he wants Chen to be ousted

12 August 2006:Taipei Times: Take your Olympic torch and snuff it

12 August 2006:Taiwan government launches new UN bid using the name "Taiwan"

12 August 2006:Richard Halloran: The US is ignoring Asiaat its peril

12 August 2006:Li Hua-chiu: Bullying by China let's Taiwanese see the truth

11 August 2006:Taipei Times: Axis of evil? We're the Axis of Nice

11 August 2006:TT news report: Shih Ming-teh is in the outfield

10 August 2006:Taipei Times: A slippery "morality"

10 August 2006:Prof. Frank Chiang: Taiwan is an abandoned territory

09 August 2006:Taipei Times: China fuelling independence fires

09 August 2006:Envoy David Lee: Diplomatic "strangulation" to continue

09 August 2006:Wei Ti: Taiwan's media need to do soul-searching

08 August 2006:Taipei Times: The UN is China's weapon of choice

08 August 2006:Huang Tien-lin: On the brink of another economic disaster

07 August 2006:Nat Bellocchi: Change the rules of US-Taiwan ties

07 August 2006:Margot Chen: Build the confidence of Taiwanese

07 August 2006:Antonio Chiang: Lee towers over Chen as father of the nation

03 August 2006:Taipei Times: Time for a "first family law"

03 August 2006:Michael Turton: Call for President Chen to resign is naive

03 August 2006:Taiwan Cabinet stands firm on China investment cap

03 August 2006:Nat Bellocchi: The long road to a US-Taiwan FTA

02 August 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Taiwan identity crisis near tipping point

02 August 2006:Margot Chen: Divisions threaten Taiwan's democracy

01 August 2006:Li Thian-hok: The North Korea impasse and Taiwan

June 2006

30 June 2006:US House adopts measure on Taiwan

30 June 2006:Taipei Times: The myth of Taiwan "in chaos"

29 June 2006:Opinion polls: Ma Ying-jeou's approval rate drops

29 June 2006:Taipei Times: Chen must get back to business

29 June 2006:Sushil Seth: Beijing building alliances to keep US at bay

29 June 2006:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: UN's new rights body off to a shaky start

28 June 2006:Taipei Times: Toppling the Cabinet is not an option

28 June 2006:Charles Snyder: US lawmakers seek broader US-Taiwan connections

27 June 2006:Taipei Times: Recall bid harming the pan-blues

27 June 2006:Lin Cho-shui: Recall motion generating hysteria

27 June 2006:Chang Cheng-shuh: Democracy a slap in the face for the power mad

26 June 2006:Richard Halloran: US-China military exchange grows

26 June 2006:Houng Yu-houng: Ma needs constitutional law lesson

26 June 2006:Prof. Chen Chao-chien: Vote of no-confidence could lead anywhere

26 June 2006:Presidential office rejects accusations donations

25 June 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Ma's skills as leader appear to be lacking

25 June 2006:Liang Wen-chieh: Will the DPP dismiss the legislature?

24 June 2006:Chen Gau-tzu: President Chen fended off pan-blue accusations in address

23 June 2006:Paul Lin: Where does Ma stand on press freedom?

22 June 2006:Taipei Times: Chen Shui-bian just can't win

22 June 2006:Anna Chang: Ma Ying-jeou's words laughable

22 June 2006:Chang Teng-chi: Conflict playing into the PRC's hands

21 June 2006:Taipei Times: When silence is not golden

21 June 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Media lacks social responsibility

21 June 2006:Opinion poll: Majority do not support recall bid

21 June 2006:President Chen defends his government, actions

20 June 2006:President Chen to address the public tonight

20 June 2006:Taipei Times: Pan-blue recall bid a sick joke

20 June 2006:Nat Bellocchi: We only know what the media say

20 June 2006:Dennis Hickey: China's "Taiwan complex" is costly

19 June 2006:Taipei Times editorial: Time to focus on the economy

19 June 2006:Prof. Hawang Shiow-duan: Don't undermine our democracy

18 June 2006:Taipei Times: Hsieh's choice is the right one

18 June 2006:Michelle Wang: Looking at the recall bid with a foreign eye

17 June 2006:Pan-greens to hold rally in support of President today

17 June 2006:Legislators say they have a list detailing Lafayette kickbacks

16 June 2006:Jerome Keating: James Soong is running out of time

16 June 2006:Cao Chang-qing: Ma Ying-jeou's brazen attack on Taiwan's democracy

15 June 2006:Taipei Times: Death threats and double standards

15 June 2006:President Chen won't respond to opposition recall

15 June 2006:Paul Lin: Ma is setting a trap for the Taiwanese

14 June 2006:Taipei Times: Pan-blue credibility washed away

14 June 2006:Northern Taiwan Society: Pan-blue's shameful corruption hypocrisy

14 June 2006:Key Lafayette witness may talk soon

09 June 2006:Taipei Times: Taiwan, Banana Republic of China?

09 June 2006:Wang Dan: DPP scandals are helping the CCP

09 June 2006:Wang Yi-feng et al: Media has to be fairer and allow Chen to rule

09 June 2006:President Chen blasts back at opposition party leaders

08 June 2006:Jerome Keating: The corrupt are heading the campaign to oust Chen

08 June 2006:Sushil Seth: The China-Japan showdown is coming

07 June 2006:Pro-independence groups declare support for President Chen

07 June 2006:Kuomintang plans to announce a recall motion

05 June 2006:Charles Snyder: US plan for defending Taiwan disclosed

02 June 2006:Taipei Times: The grunt versus the spider

02 June 2006:Richard Halloran: Taiwan insists it will defend itself

01 June 2006:Taipei Times: Who are lawmakers serving?

01 June 2006:Paul Lin: Scandals are a test of democracy

April 2006

30 April 2006:State Department: China's "Taiwan complex" is hurting war on terror

30 April 2006:Former Admiral Dennis Blair: China can't invade Taiwan

30 April 2006:Charles Hong: A tale of two presidents

27 April 2006:Taipei Times: President Chen, time to fight back

27 April 2006:President Chen in WSJ interview: Hu failed to score points in US

27 April 2006:Leading EU parliamentarian comes out in favor of WHA bid

13 April 2006:Taipei Times: Enough of this 319 bullshit

13 April 2006:Charles Snyder: Envoy warns of "surprises" during Hu tour

12 April 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: KMT-CCP forum is a saboteur's dreamland

11 April 2006:Sushil Seth: Australia playing coy on China ties

09 April 2006:Liberty Times: Ma should be putting Taiwan first

09 April 2006:Jerome Keating: A dummy's guide to cross-strait phraseology

08 April 2006:Jan Schlotthus: Merkel may be good for Taiwan

07 April 2006:Cao Chang-qing: What do a panda and Ma Ying-jeou share?

07 April 2006:Chen Hurng-yu: China is the genuine troublemaker

06 April 2006:Taipei Times: Chen's smart challenge to Beijing

06 April 2006:Paul Lin: KMT-CCP forum on suppressing Taiwan

06 April 2006:United States happy over Chen-Ma meet

01 April 2006:DPP Delegation: US officials "unimpressed" with Ma Ying-jeou's proposals

01 April 2006:Taiwan envoy to US restricted by Taiwan's un-official status

February 2006

28 February 2006:Taipei Times: Taiwan is no longer willing to forget

28 February 2006:President Chen says Unification Council will "cease"

28 February 2006:US officials "accept" NUC compromise

28 February 2006:Paul Lin: It takes two to keep "status quo" balanced

28 February 2006:Huang Jei-hsuan: The US should back off

27 February 2006:President Chen to chair NSC meeting over Unification Council

27 February 2006:DPP plans massive rally to support scrapping NUC

27 February 2006:Tsai Huang-lang: Would Ma allow a vote on nation's future?

27 February 2006:Lily Bradberry: Chiang was responsible for 228

26 February 2006:Taipei Times: The welcome death of a calender

26 February 2006:Liberty Times: Finally, some courage from Mr. Chen

26 February 2006:Peng Ming-min: Abolition of Unification Council no big deal

26 February 2006:Ma Ying-jeou offers no apologies at KMT's 228 ceremony

25 February 2006:Taipei Times: A bitter "status quo" symphony

25 February 2006:Austin Institute of Taiwan Studies: China's threat means NUC must go

25 February 2006:Premier Su: Taiwan may drop idiosyncratic Republican calendar

24 February 2006:Taipei Times: Farewell to the "1992 consensus"

24 February 2006:Michael Green: The gambit behind the NUC's removal

24 February 2006:Mark Krietzman: Facts, rather than fiction, Mr. Ma

24 February 2006:Chen I-chung: Pragmatic path is the best solution

23 February 2006:Taipei Times: Obfuscation, blather, and Ma

23 February 2006:President Chen steps up campaign against Unification Council

23 February 2006:Ma Ying-jeou defends KMT's positions on BBC

23 February 2006:United States reassures Beijing that it insists on `status quo'

23 February 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Pro-China policies must be axed

22 February 2006:Taipei Times: Loving the panda's from afar

22 February 2006:Premier Su backs Chen on scrapping the Unification Council

22 February 2006:Anti-NUC protesters march on US AIT office

22 February 2006:C.V. Chen: Why fear the independence option?

21 February 2006:Taipei Times: 228 report provides food for thought

21 February 2006:Lee Teng-hui: Ma's cross-strait comments are `nonsense'

21 February 2006:Lin Chong-pin: China uses US, Japan to rein in Taiwan

20 February 2006:Mac William Bishop: US said to be blocking sale of subs

20 February 2006:Hsu Yung-ming: "status quo" is the new battlefield

19 February 2006:Presidential Office denies US warning on Unification Council

19 February 2006:Huang Jei-hsuan: KMT's game a dangerous one

18 February 2006:Jerome Keating: Who will pay the unification bills?

18 February 2006:Congressman Steve Chabot: Balance needed in US policy

18 February 2006:Condoleezza Rice scolds Taiwan in House hearing

17 February 2006:United States split on Unification Council future

17 February 2006:Taipei Times: Not by any other name

17 February 2006:Henry Ting: Coexisting with China necessary

16 February 2006:Taipei Times: Time to push Ma off the fence

16 February 2006:Paul Lin: Democracy in Taiwan supports US interests

16 February 2006:Sparks fly over KMT controversial ad

15 February 2006:Chin Heng-wei: US harms itself when criticizing Taiwan

14 February 2006:Taipei Times: Ma must back up his words

14 February 2006:Hubbub over Ma's remarks escalates

14 February 2006:Bob Kuo: Follow the road to independence

13 February 2006:Opinion poll: Taiwanese back Chen on guidelines gambit

13 February 2006:Ma Ying-jeou tells China to dismantle missiles

11 February 2006:Taipei Times: Time for a healthy debate on China

11 February 2006:US Congressmen and FAPA back Chen's statement on Unification Council

11 February 2006:Cao Chang-qing: US opinion not limited to State Department

10 February 2006:Pentagon worried about PRC plans

10 February 2006:Liu Kuan-teh: Read Chen's pledges more fairly

10 February 2006:Shirley Kan: Time for broader talks with the US

09 February 2006:Taiwan's NSC to review unification agency

09 February 2006:Charles Hong: US' Taiwan policy is unjust

09 February 2006:Chris Hill: US' cross-Strait stance unchanged

08 February 2006:Taipei Times: Put the Constitution first

08 February 2006:Sushil Seth: Don't believe the hype about China

08 February 2006:General Hu Chen-pu: Don't expect US military aid

08 February 2006:Ma Ying-jeou: pushing "status quo" in WSJ article

07 February 2006:President Chen tells firms to put Taiwan first

07 February 2006:Huang Tien-lin: Actually, Ma, Chen is on the right path

06 February 2006:Mark Chen: Communications with the US on track

05 February 2006:Taipei Times: Nothing earth-shattering from Chen

05 February 2006:Liberty Times: Time to forget about the promises

04 February 2006:US to Taiwan: Get back in there, we don't want to alter the status quo

04 February 2006:Huang Jei-hsuan: Stop the pan-blue shenanigans

04 February 2006:US to Chen: Please stop the surprises