South Africa's drops "ROC" for PRC

Should maintain "dual recognition" with Taiwan

On 28 November 1996, President Nelson Mandela announced in a press conference that by the end of 1997 South Africa will establish relations with the PRC and discontinue diplomatic ties with the Kuomintang authorities in Taipei.

It is regrettable that the South African government has succumbed to the pressure from Beijing to cut ties with Taipei, particularly in view of earlier pronouncements by Mr. Mandela -- in August 1996 -- that he favored the principle of "dual recognition."

However, the upcoming break in relations is primarily due to the Kuomintang's stubborn clinging to its "Republic of China" title and its outdated claim to be part of the so-called "One China."

The best way to solve the dilemma would be for everyone involved to move towards a "New Taiwan policy" in which

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