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Taiwan to revise the "Unification Guidelines"

Taipei, 11 July 1999

According to news reports in Taiwan, the authorities there will start to revise the so-called "Unification Guidelines". The move follows President Lee's interview with Deutsche Welle radio, in which he defined Taiwan's relations with China as "nation-to-nation relations".

On Monday 12 July 1999, the Presidential Office is inviting relevant government departments to a meeting to discuss the revision of the guidelines, which define the Kuomintang's approach to cross-strait relations.

The guidelines were adopted in 1991 to spell out steps for unification between Taiwan and China, and define Taiwan's relations with China as those between "equal political entities,'' rather than "nation-to-nation".

The democratic opposition in Taiwan has always strongly criticized the guidelines as being totally outdated, and out of step with the basic principles of democracy and self-determination.

The democratic opposition movement considers Taiwan a free, democratic and independent nation, and strives for international acceptance as a full and equal member in the international community.