Statement by Danny Davis (D-IL)

Washington, 10 October 1998

Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. Speaker, I take this opportunity to express my strong support for House Concurrent Resolution 334 calling for Taiwan's participation in World Health Organization (WHO) activities because it is good policy. It is my hope that the United States will support this bid.

It does not matter where people live. They may live in the Chinatown area of my district, the 7th Congressional District of Illinois, or on the West Coast in Seattle, Washington, or overseas in Taipei, Taiwan. Regardless, the humane thing to do is to care for ill children, the elderly, all people. Are we playing politics with the 21 million people that reside in Taiwan? I am a firm believer in that the people shall not suffer as a result of government policies. If women and children are ailing, we need to assist in whatever way possible that is within our means.

The bottom line is that the people of Taiwan can access better healthcare if the country is allowed representation in the World Health Organization.

Moreover, in recent years the people of Taiwan have successfully defended their participation in a number of multilateral groups, including, but not limited to the Asian Development Bank, the Pacific Basin Economic Council. Although the composition for their participation varies from group to group, their pragmatic importance is inevitable.

I urge my colleagues to recognize the importance of the country of Taiwan in the global arena and support their entry into the WHO.

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