Thousands mourn Dr. Lu Hsiu-yi

Taipei, 18 August 1998

Thousands of Taiwanese attended the funeral service for DPP-legislator Lu Hsiu-yi, who passed away in Taiwan on 6 August 1998. The funeral service, which was held in Panchiao, Taipei County on Tuesday, 18 August 1998 was attended by senior government officials, including President Lee Teng-hui, Vice President Lien Chan and Premier Vincent Siew, as well as leading members of the DPP, such as newly-elected chairman Lin Yi-hsiung.

They came to pay tribute to one of the most prominent and respected politicians in Taiwan's opposition camp.

The funeral rites began with a performance of French composer Gabriel Faure's "Song of Pathos" by the Formosa Egret Symphony Orchestra, which was founded with the support of Lu and his wife, a musician.

A posthumous citation, which was issued by President Lee and lauded Lu for his contributions to education and Taiwan's democratization, was read at the funeral.

Ms. Chen Chü, director of the Bureau of Social Affairs under the Taipei City Government, gave an emotional resume of Lu's life story, describing Lu as a sage with a historian's perspective and vision. Ms. Chen recounted the scholar-turned-lawmaker's dedication to academic study, promotion of Taiwan's democratic reforms, love for his family, and contributions to the DPP. "Lu was a man of action. He regarded politics as a career, a serious undertaking," said Ms. Chen.

Chen further said that although Lu had left this world to begin "another form of existence," his passion, straightforwardness, courage, moral stature, and optimism, will live in the hearts and minds of all his family and friends forever.

Lu, who earned a doctoral degree in political science from the University of Paris in Nanterre, taught at Chinese Culture University and National Tsinghua University before being elected a member of the Legislative Yuan in 1989.

A witty, humorous man, Lu was a key opinion leader in the Legislative Yuan. His profound knowledge, resourcefulness, cultured manner, and taste for the arts, helped him win a great deal of respect and admiration from his legislative colleagues and from the island's media.

The funeral procession extended several kilometers as thousands of Lu's supporters, including many taxi drivers, escorted Lu's coffin to the crematorium where Lu's body was cremated. The DPP held an overnight vigil on Monday to pay tribute to one of its most popular standard bearers.

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