Taiwan opposition politician murdered in China

Washington, 31 July 1998

A female opposition politician from the southern Taiwanese port city of Kaohsiung died, after being kidnapped and drugged while she was accompanying her boyfriend on a business trip in northern China.

DPP Kaohsiung City Councilwoman Ms. Lin Ti-chuan, age 32, went to Dalian City in the northeastern province of Liaoning on 27 July with her boyfriend, Mr. Wei Tien-kang, who is an importer of magnesium metallic ore.

Reportedly, the Chinese business contact in Dalian, a certain Lee Kuongchih, and two of his associates armed with knives bound and blindfolded Lin and Wei, and then injected them with an unknown drug, apparently a sedative. They were then taken by car to Haicheng City, an hour's drive from the industrial city of Anshan.

The kidnappers reportedly demanded a ransom of US$ 200,000 but refused to allow Wei to use a telephone to try to raise the money.

Over the next two days, the couple received injections about once every five hours. By July 29th, Ms. Lin had turned deadly pale and was foaming at the mouth. The kidnappers then took her to a local hospital, at which time Mr. Wei escaped. He went to the authorities to report the case.

On July 31st, Mr. Wei was brought to a funeral parlor in Haicheng City to identify his girlfriend's body.

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