Weinberger: "Clinton selling out Taiwan"

Washington, 31 July 1998

In an article in the 10 August 1998 issue of Forbes Magazine, former US Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger wrote an article strongly criticizing US President Bill Clinton for selling out Taiwan.

Weinberger said that Mr. Clinton's remarks on the "three noes" during his recent China visit "...went a long country mile beyond the U.S.' carefully ambiguous policy", which was that the United States only "...acknowledged that we understood what China's claim was -- but we never went beyond that."

Mr. Weinberger wondered who approved "...this unilateral attempt to change U.S. policy so drastically." He added: "Certainly not Congress nor anyone else in the Administration. Mr. Clinton alone uttered those dangerously careless remarks."

Mr. Weinberger stated that in 1994 (in the Taiwan Policy Review -- Ed.) the U.S. pledged to work to "make Taiwan's voice heard" in all international organizations iof which it is not a member." But now, Mr. Clinton is "..pledging to dash any hopes our old friend Taiwan has of joining the U.N., the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, or any other organization to which China might object."

Mr. Weinberger continues: "And what did we get in return for Mr. Clinton's extraordinary cave-in? The Chinese allowed Mr. Clinton a televised speech, and he was the subject of many admiring toasts from president Jiang."

Mr. Weinberger then said that during his China trip, "...what Mr. Clinton forgot -- or chose to ignore -- was that Taiwan, unlike the PRC, is a free country. It has a free press, free elections, and freedom of religion. It has the right to determine its own future."

He charged that "Mr. Clinton's extraordinary diplomatic and political blunders will ... encourage the Chinese to believe that they can use force against Taiwan. An we will develop ingeneous arguments as to why we need to do nothing to stop China."

Mr. Weinberger concludes: "Anything short of a clear repudiation of Clinton's cave-in will only encourage China to think it has a free hand to violate our Taiwan relations Act whenever it chooses."

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