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Taiwanese-Americans strongly critical of US State Department Report on Taiwan's Participation in the WHO

Washington, 5 January 2000

The Taiwanese-American community is furious about a report issued by the State Department regarding Taiwan's participation in the WHO.

In a press report, the Washington-based Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) states that the Clinton Administration's kowtowing to China is evident throughout the State Department report to the Congress, "Taiwan Participation in the World Health Organization," released 4 January 2000.

Instead of the U.S. taking leadership on Taiwan's meaningful and appropriate participation in the WHO, as called for in HR 1794, the report details the People's Republic of China's objections to such participation and the seeming paralysis this brings to any United States efforts.

"The People's Republic of China has been actively and adamantly opposed to many of Taiwan's attempts at membership or participation [in international organizations]," the report says. No kidding.

"U.S. representatives have raised and will continue to raise with Beijing our support for the people of Taiwan to contribute to as well as benefit from the work of the WHO." Good luck. Why not try to get other countries lined up to support Taiwan?

On observer status for Taiwan, the report laments the fact that "there is not currently sufficient support within the membership to accomplish this." Is the U.S. trying to actively change this "fact," or is it happy to abstain when voting time comes and let others go on record as dancing to Beijing's tune?

Even the possibility of a Taiwan non-governmental organization having relations with the WHO is blocked, says the report. Why? "The PRC would assert - and others would accept - that only it has the right to consent to the participation of a Taiwan non-governmental organization." Kafka must be rolling over in his grave at this sentence.

This is the ultimate absurdity, paralleling the demand by Beijing that any earthquake aid to Taiwan from international organizations during Taiwan's monster September disaster had to get its permission.

"This report makes the US look like a child unable to speak up to the PRC adult," stated Chen Wen-yen, FAPA President. "It reminds me of the Taiwanese saying, 'Children have ears but no mouth'- they should only listen to adults and not speak out."

Professor Chen added: "Congress and the Taiwanese-American community throughout the country demand that the Administration take a pro-active position, not roll over and play dead because of what the PRC thinks. Taiwan is not, and has never been, under PRC control. The 22 million people of democratic Taiwan deserve to participate in the WHO and all international organizations."