The Taiwan Green Ribbon campaign

The Taiwan Green Ribbon stands for:

  • A free Taiwan! The right of the Taiwanese people to live with dignity and determine their own future free from China's intimidation.
  • Taiwanese are not Chinese. The right of the Taiwanese people to affirm their identity, culture, heritage, and languages, free from Chinese harrassment.
  • Respect for human rights. Show your solidarity for peoples everywhere fighting for justice, dignity and survival.
  • GREEN is the color theTaiwanese associate with their homeland, a subtropical island with plenty of green!
  • GREEN reflects our love for the Taiwanese soil which gives our people shelter, food and sustenance.
  • GREEN also represents our commitment to Taiwan's environmental protection for future generations in Taiwan.

Taiwan is not Hong Kong! Taiwan is a beautiful island country the size of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. Her peoples (native aborigines, descendents of Fujianese and Hakka immigrants and more recent Chinese immigrants) have struggled to form a democratic, prosperous and peace-loving country...

We are Taiwanese, NOT Chinese.

We have our own languages, customs, history and traditions.

Support Taiwan's right to exist!

Taiwan is an international issue, not an "Internal Chinese" issue.

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Last updated on 23 June 1997.