Say NO to China

Say Yes to Taiwan Independence

6-28 Rally in New York City

Independence-minded Taiwanese worldwide gathered to ensure that Taiwan will not share Hong Kong's fate. Thousands of Taiwanese Americans gathered in seven U.S. cities to draw attention to the differences between their homeland and the longtime British colony, echoing the voices of more than 70,000 gathered to hold vigil in front of City Hall in Taipei.

In New York's Time Square, Professor Frank Chiang was one of more than 700 professionals, students and expatriates opposing China's attempts to absorb Taiwan. "We want to claim our sovereignty," Chiang, the president of the local chapter of the North American Taiwanese Professors Association, told TIME. "We want to show the world that Hong Kong is totally different from Taiwan."

As backdrop on the stage, the demonstration had a big banner, reading "Taiwan Independence, No Chinese Empire", which was visible from far, and attracted many bystanders.

There were two statements from members of the US Congress: Senator Robert Torrecelli (D-NJ) and Congressman Sherrod Brown (D-OH) read by second-generation Taiwanese-Americans.

In a show of Asian solidarity, there were also representatives from democracy movements from Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and East Turkestan.

Broadway performer Jerry Dixon was on hand to read Maya Angelou's poem "I Rise" and sang a 1960s American Civil Right Movement song. He was followed by a surprise performance by an Irish American coming up stage to share the Irish Independence Anthem.

The crowd at Time Square

"Taiwan Independence"

Tibetan solidarity

The message is clear

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Last updated on 8 July 1997.