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FAHR president Bob Yang
FAHR President Bob Yang
The visit of Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji

Human Rights for All

Proclamation of the Formosan Association for Human Rights, read by former FAHR President Bob Yang

Washington, D.C. April 8, 1999

On the occasion of Premier Zhu Rongji's visit to the United States, the Formosan Association for Human Rights (FAHR) joins hands with other civic groups to protest the many egregious offenses committed by China. FAHR is especially alarmed by China's abysmal failures in the following areas:

Human Rights

The status of human rights in China has worsened. In spite of international condemnation, the abuse of human rights by the Chinese government continues unabated. The improvement in Chinese economy has not been accompanied by progress in fundamental rights of the people. On the contrary, persecution of ethnic and religious minorities and political dissidents has intensified.

We call on the Chinese government to free all political prisoners. We support the Tibetan demands that China release Genhun Choekyi Nyima, the eleventh Panchen Lama and that China begins immediate negotiations with his Holiness the Dalai Lama

Taiwan Policy

In 1996, China conducted military maneuvers, including the firing of missiles, off the coast of Taiwan in a blatant bid to disrupt a Taiwanese presidential election. Although China failed in this coercive effort, it continues to threaten Taiwan. Numerous Chinese missiles are now aimed at Taiwan.

We reject the preposterous territorial claim that China asserts over Taiwan. Taiwan has never been ruled by the People's Republic of China. It is the human rights of the Taiwanese people to determine their own destiny. Taiwanese people are entitled to their own free, democratic and independent country. The future of Taiwan is for the Taiwanese to decide, not for the Chinese to dictate.

Weapons control

The peace and stability of China depends on China's ability to democratize, not on its capability to wage war. Yet, China has chosen to steal rocket technology and atomic secrets from the United States. China also exports nuclear weapons technology to rogue nations. In addition, China constantly engages in intimidation of its peaceful neighbors such as Taiwan and the Philippines. China's belligerent behavior threatens the right of Asian people to a safe and secure life.

We therefore call on China to renounce the use of force, of the threat to use of force, against Taiwan and all other countries. We advocate peaceful resolution of international conflicts.