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Professor Wen-yen Chen
FAPA president Wen-yen Chen

The visit of Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji


Statement read by FAPA president Wen-yen Chen, on behalf of the Coalition for Taiwan Sovereignty

Washington, D.C. April 8, 1999

Whereas Taiwan

  • has a defined territory ·
  • is populated by 22 million freedom-loving Taiwanese
  • is governed by a democracy with a freely-elected president
  • has a vibrant economy
  • contributes generously to world charity and peace causes
  • has never been ruled for even a single day by the People's Republic of China.

Whereas China

  • remains the largest Communist country in the world
  • sustains the most unrepentant totalitarian regime on this earth
  • abuses the human rights of its own people
  • oppresses religious freedom
  • continues its brutal occupation of Tibet
  • exports nuclear technology to Iraq and Pakistan
  • attempts illegal takeover of the Spratly Islands in the western Pacific
  • perpetrates imperial territorial claims over Taiwan
  • tried to undermine the 1996 Taiwanese presidential election
  • now aims many of its missiles at Taiwan
  • constantly threatens the use of force against Taiwan
  • pilfers American rocket technology
  • steals atomic secrets from the United States
  • engages in espionage against American defense establishment
  • conducts unfair trade practices resulting in huge U.S. deficits.

Therefore we call on President Clinton and the U.S. government to

  • insist on the release of jailed Chinese dissidents.
  • urge substantive negotiations between Tibet and China.
  • demand Chinese renunciation of the use of force against Taiwan.
  • promote Taiwan's entry into world organizations, including WTO, WHO and the U.N.
  • extend the theater missile defense umbrella to Taiwan.
  • uphold American ideals of freedom and democracy and let the 22 million people of Taiwan determine their own future.